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14 Feb 2021
Depor’s coach remains optimistic about the level and the chances of the team. Guijuelo’s coach confessed tat a few changes will be made, but the system will continue to be a 3-5-2.

Long press conference by Rubén De La Barrera. Depor’s coach talked for 41 minutes on Friday. He talked of the rival and the pressure for the poor results of the team. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

Lucho García and Keko Gontán: “Keko was working apart, but he will join the trainings tomorrow. About Lucho, the circumstances of the injury are conditioning it. He is available, but with the mask he doesn’t feel comfortable, and that’s important, especially for a goalkeeper.”

Stability after the exit of the board: "Projects are born and are developed with a single objective, which is to win games. Along the way, victories, draws and defeats will occur. I’m very clear, and I am not hiding: it isn’t a matter of Rubén, Pepe or Juan. It’s a matter of a project that has weight, clear ideas, lines of development... my last experiences in Spain have been in places that clearly involved a project: Cultural Leonesa and Real Sociedad. It’s a matter of going with a pick and shovel, polishing little things to see materializing what we want to happen. If something happens frequently, we will have to review what’s being done, and the easy and recurring thing is to fire people. You have to be clear about what you want, how you want it and with who do you want to do it. And to evolve it permanently. It is not a matter of names, it is a question of lines to follow.”

Pressure for the results: " I'm not talking about patience, I'm talking about a project, which is different. Patience is something that can be renewed or lost. But surely all that noise will appear if the opinion, expert or not, perceives that there’s nothing behind it. When someone has clear where we are going, then the world moves aside to let him pass. Then each one has to decide what to pay attention to. If you ask me about quantum physics, I will give you my opinion. But I have no idea. Now, if what I say it affects you or it influences someone who has to decide about your work... those are things that escape me.”

Guijuelo: "We are facing a team that’s going to defend with a lot of people on the inside. When it comes to goals, we know that no one is going to score 17 goals in these five games. So, you have to give resources to get closer to the goal. You have to analyze why things are happening. It is not a question that if I win it is a disaster and if I lose it is a marvel. I feel very close to winning, very close to being much better than the rival. And I say it now, when absolutely nothing gives me the reason.”

Again changing the formation? "I am clear about one thing, I am not going to hit any lurch. What you have to do is improve the style and evolve it. It isn’t a matter of going from rap to rock. It’s evolving and improving a specific style. It’s something that I feel. We are talking about footballers who are capable of taking the initiative and to do it where it’s necessary to assume it; yes or yes. Because you have to look for the result. I will also say that looking for the result means that nothing happens when things don’t work out, or that allows the rival to run. You shouldn’t make unforced errors and that happened in Coruxo. What I take care of is to improve the initial plan within a style that is clearly closed while I am the coach. Go for the results and go to for the matches. We intend to do many things and do them well."

Chuchi Jorqués also addressed the media on Friday, only 48 hours after facing Pontevedra CF. He confessed that the team will keep playing with a 3-5-2 and that a few rotations will be made. The following is a summary of the main things he said.

Keeping the 3-5-2 formation: I shouldn't say it, but yes. I'm not going to hide anything, I just do it because of the fact that I think the team needs to grow defensively. It’s true that the other day, in Pontevedra, in the first half they generated more chances than I would have liked, but the team comes out nervous about the change of coach and so on. I like offensive football and going to attack, but we need to lay a solid foundation. I like to play a lot in 3-5-2, I have done it with Juveniles, but also a 4-3-3. I wanted to play with a 3-5-2 for the simple reason of having all the spaces covered, both vertically and horizontally, and that way we feel safe. The other day, taking away those 25 minutes, we have been stable on the field and we have been able to arrive and generate chances. It doesn’t mean that I will always be with that system, because I am a 4-3-3 lover and I think we have players for it, but for the moment we believe that it is the best.”

Deportivo: “I have been able to watch them in some games, I think it’s a great team and above all, it has a great coach. Football is capricious, they are in Segunda B and have had a bad streak of results, but it’s still a great team, as there are in other groups with great players. In this short format, with the whole issue of the pandemic, they have caught a bad streak and penalizes you a lot with the situation that exists. I think it will be a team that’s going to pull up, although I hope it will be from Sunday at 7 pm and not before, but it has to react through the squad and coaching staff.”

Players are tired after playing in midweek: “Yesterday we divided the group with those who played and those who don’t. There are still people who are a little tired and I hope that tomorrow the simple fact of lowering the load will activate them, with the fact of going there and the motivation to have that stage to play, that fatigue will disappear. It’s true that we have a lot of demands, they competed like real beasts and on the trip the other day we returned late. There were moments when we were better and others worse, but they competed spectacularly, and I hope they are as good as possible by Sunday. It’s a marathon, on Wednesday again in Vigo and on Sunday at home, with surface changes. We are pending of it and Pedro is doing a good job to recover them as soon as possible.”

Rotations for Sunday: “There are players who played the other day who are tired, it also happened to me that you are used to an artificial grass surface and you go to Pasarón, a large field with large grass... so with the steps and efforts there are tired. We are measuring to see the situation and surely in some position we will have to rotate, because a marathon of matches is coming. That will help us so that people are plugged in and other people rest.”

Facing his master, Rubén De La Barrera: “For me it’s a dream, two weeks ago I was playing with the Juvenile squad against Inter in the neighborhood where I grew up. A week later I will be in a mythical Primera Division stadium and with one of the people who has influenced me the most in this sport. When I was with Rubén, my football mentality changed. I had good coaches, but being with him as a coach was a total enjoyment. He is an advantage of football, I see him as few people and having him by my side as a friend... They have called me the teacher playing, well now I will be the student on the other bench. It is a privilege to be at the Riazor and next to him, I will give him a hug and wish him well, but after the game.” 




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