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16 Feb 2021
Painful defeat for Fabril. The lads were trailing 3-0 by minute 60, their late reaction wasn’t enough to rescue the game and now see how the promotion is out of reach.

Coach Juan Carlos Valerón was able to count with Adri Castro as he wasn’t picked by the first team. The coach repeated the lineup that lost against UD Paiosaco with the only novelties that Álvaro Yuste appeared at the centre of the defence and the presence of Pablo Brea at the goal, the last change was caused by the suspension of Alberto (five yellow cards).

Pablo Brea was the starting keeper, Iván Guerrero covered the right side in defence, the left flank was for Guille Bueno, Juan Rodriguez and Yuste played at the centre of the defence. The duo at midfield was composed by Álex Barba and Famoussa Kanouté Javi Sánchez attacked from the right wing, Álex Boedo did it from the left, Manu Mosquera was the playmaker and Adri Castro was the centre forward.

Fabril was playing two games in a frame of four days facing rivals at the bottom of the standings, the hope was that these six points were going to push the promotion hopes of the team, but now the scenario is very different as the team suffered straight defeats. The team is now only one point above the relegation playoff zone with eight games to end the first stage.

In this game the team was surprised by two goals at the middle of the first half that were the consequence of defensive mistakes, the second goal came after two good chances to tie the scoresheet. Early in the second part, the team allowed a third goal in a silly penalty. There was a late reaction, but it wasn’t enough as Adri Castro failed to score the equalizer at the end of the meeting.

And the game was calmed since the kick-off, without major chances for both teams. It was until the big error of Yuste that the match turned to be frenetic. The centre-back was controlling the ball at midfield, but he made a terrible mistake as he didn’t see David Mitogo coming from behind, the striker claimed the ball and faced Pablo Brea one-on-one and scored with a gently touch.

Immediately Fabril had a double chance to tie the game. First Adri Castro drilled perfect cross into the path of Boedo, but he was unable to connect the ball when he was alone against local goalie David Martínez ‘Bugy’ and a defender cleared the danger (23’). In the resulting corner-kick, Adri Castro found the ball at the far post and his strong shot was repealed by the keeper.

The new corner-kick ended with the ball out, and in the goal-kick, a new defensive mistake allowed Artai to attempt a shot that Brea cleared, and the second goal came in the resulting corner-kick. The cross from Borja Pita was headed by Manu Moya from inside the box. Fabril went into half-time with a two-goal disadvantage, just when it caressed the 1-1.

And Fabril were surprised by a new goal from AS Pontes starting the second part. Iván Rodriguez was trying to clear the danger, but instead connected Artai, the referee called the penalty and Mitogo scored the third goal from the spot.

Fabril were suffering a big punishment and Valerón moved the bench. Pescador and Peke replaced Yuste and Manu Mosquera, and then the lads pulled a goal. Javi Sánchez throw a corner-kick from the left and Álex Barba scored from the far post with an accurate shot.

Then the tide changes after Mitogo was sent off due to a tough tacked over Javi Sánchez. Jorge Sarmiento replaced Kanouté, and Fabril found a second goal. Pescador assisted Javi Sánchez on the left, he released a cross into the box that Pablo Fraga tried to clear, but instead he sent the ball into the back of his own net.

Fifteen minutes were remaining and Fabril were caressing the draw, Juan Cambón and Javi Sanmartín replaced Guille Bueno and Álex Barba, and the equalizer was denied to Adri Castro in the last two opportunities for Fabril. At minute 83, his volley from inside the area was deflected by Bugy, and in the resulting corner-kick, the striker found the ball at the penalty spot after a header, and his own header was going in, but a defender saved the locals at the goal line.

As Pontes: (4-3-3) Bugy - Berto, Dani, Manu Moya, Borja Pita – Iñaki (Óscar Martínez 90’), David García, Del Río (Pablo Fraga 73’) – Artai (Pájaro 73’), Mitogo, Quique (Quintans 65’).
Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Pablo Brea - Iván Guerrero, Yuste (Pescador 57’), Juan Rodríguez, Guille Bueno (Cambón 75’) – Álex Barba (Sanmartín 75’), Kanouté (Sarmiento 71’) - Javi Sánchez, Manu Mosquera (Peke 57’), Boedo - Adri Castro.
Goals: 1-0: (21’) Mitogo, 2-0: (26’) Moya. 3-0: (53’) Mitogo (penalty), 3-1: (64’) Barba, 3-2: (74’) Fraga (o.g.)
Referee: Adríán Estévez Blanco. He showed yellow card to Iñaki (33’), Iván Guerrero (52’), Álex Barba (55’), Javi Sánchez (57’), Adri Castro (81’), Peke (90’) & Manu Moya (90’). Mitogo was sent off with two yellow cards (3’ & 67’)
Venue: O Poboado






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