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20 Feb 2021
Depor’s coach was warning about the aerial potential of the rival. Racing Ferrol’s coach warned that his team must not be hurried for the situation at the standings.

Rubén De La Barrera addressed the media on Friday. He talked of some of his players, what he expects from this match and warned about the aerial potential of Racing Ferrol. The following is a summary of the thing he said.

Expectations for the game: “Racing Ferrol is a team that I have faced on quite a few occasions. They have been reinforced. We have as a reference the match against Compostela. Good organization, good pressure, intense and aggressive team. The game is to be plugged in from the beginning and know that they will come looking for us. A good game is going to be seen. Two teams that will want to dominate and prevail. We have to promote what is ours and minimize the virtues of Racing as much as possible.”

Push after the last victory: “It has to help. The heads needed a victory, a positive result. We already see and we were able to verify it in the Celta B match against Guijuelo how everything costs, nothing is free. We had to live those last twelve minutes in that context of need and there was that fear of losing what we had deserved in the previous eighty minutes. Fortunately, it came out and it has to help us in this game, because it is going to be complex. Winning for the first time happened and that has to spur us on, compete, be better than Racing and win the game."

What Depor must do in this game: "Dominate, prevent them from running, prevent those pressures that they do; and from there control many things at the defensive level, because it’s a rival that demands a lot. But before everything else, there is the response on an emotional level that precedes this type of interventions. On an emotional level and on a mental level we have to be very strong.”

Racing power in set-pieces: “Defensively, we have to be focused so that nothing happens from set-pieces, knowing that they have people who go with everything and with a visible physical presence. The set-pieces are x seconds throughout our life. You have to feel every second and you pay for an oversight. We can grant absolutely nothing.”

Celso Borges and his low form: “Celso seems to me to be a very, very good player. He gives us physical presence, continuity, arrival, commitment, knowing how to be... He is the Celso with whom I work.”

Adri Castro and Yago Gandoy: “The issue of the boys is very clear: I want everyone to have the greatest presence in the first team and offer real performance. I'm waiting them to break the door. Here things have to be deserved. With Adri, I’m very confident that it will be very important for Deportivo and we are on our way to make that happen. He has to make even more noise and I demand a lot from him, because I know that he is capable of offering me what he does multiplied by ten. As for Yago, something that I have commented to him is that I had the opportunity to work with boys with similar conditions, and we have to locate where the improvement must be, so Yago can be the player that I consider he must be. I see that Iago is much more than he thinks, and he’s very far from what I think he is. It seems to me that he has a lot of football. He is a very good player and the step is that he can become into a very good player.”

Keko Gontán: “He is better than last week, the sensations he has are not the same from three or four days ago. I'm glad, he needs to feel good, at the top, fast and with spark. It seems that the feelings today are the opposite of the beginning of the week, in which he felt further away than today.”

Will Lucho García be the starting keeper? “Goalkeepers are not a matter of heads or tails. It’s a much more global vision, attending to everything that has to do with the game and the goalkeeper's activity. From there a decision is made, that Lucho played the other day doesn’t mean that he will finish the league or that Abad won’t have options to play.”

Will you keep the same starting eleven? “Everything good that we want to happen is what must be repeated. Every game is different. There will be nuances of Racing that surely have nothing to do with Guijuelo. We will have to know how to handle these issues well, be regular and repeat more frequently what the team does well, and then adjust to reality. Racing will propose something different to Guijuelo.”

Is the game a final? “There are plenty of adjectives. It’s an important game. We could say that it’s the Superbowl, to be original, but it isn’t that either. The games that remain are there and we have to offer an important performance to defeat Ferrol. Performance is what depends on us and you have to be active from the beginning. We have to be more than them at the activation level. It will be a physical match, a match in which there’s dispute and all those details bring you closer to the final victories or not. In these details you have to base the victory.”

Cristóbal Parralo also addressed the media on Friday. He was talking of the anxiety to het the points and the pressure over Deportivo. The following is a summary of the thing he said.

Emotional game: “It’s a very important game. First, because of the emotional aspect and second because of the importance of the points, especially because of the situation that both teams have.”

The poor record a home: “At home we haven’t had good results, but we have faith and confidence that we are working well. Hopefully the results are more favorable from now on.”

What the team needs: “We try to change some concepts, automatisms and we are working on it. Everything needs time, but we know there is no time and you have to be in the best conditions to face each day.”

Not lose the mind against Deportivo: “The game doesn’t last five minutes. We have to work on it, mature it and try to take it where we are interested and, from there, try to get those three points that we need. We are aware that each one has its cards and has to play them well to win.”

Deportivo: "Right from the start, both Racing and Depor started with expectations, with the label that they have to be the teams that have to be at the top, these teams have that pressure, and when the results aren’t what you want, then sometimes the rush comes in. But, of course, I think Deportivo have a very good team, with players with experience at Primera Division. We know it’s a very good team, but we are ready to compete and try to win the game with our weapons."

Message to the fans: “I’m very sorry that the circumstances that surround us prevent the fans from enjoying the game and the team. We promise that the dedication, sacrifice and involvement of everyone will be the maximum to try to win the game. The dedication, sacrifice and intensity in this team is non-negotiable. The only way to not leave the starting team for the players is to leave everything on the field.” 




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