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26 Feb 2021
Fabril remain stuck, it has only added one of the last twelve points in dispute and in this game, it was unable to break a grey rival that ended adding a point.

This was the postponed game from matchday 14. Fabril needed the three points after suffering three straight defeats. Coach Juan Carlos Valerón was still missing Iván Guerrero and Manu Mosquera, both for injury reasons. Juvenil A striker Mario Nájera was picked for the first time at Fabril. The other striker from Juvenil A, Yeremay Hernández ‘Peke’, was debuting as a starter.

The coach made five changes at the starting lineup and now the draw was a 4-4-2. Pablo Brea was the starting keeper, Álvaro Pérez ‘Trilli’ covered the right side in defence, the left flank was for Iñigo Reinoso, David Suárez and Álvaro Yuste played at the centre of the defence. Jorge Sarmiento and Famoussa Kanouté played at midfield, Javi Sanmartín attacked from the right wing, Raúl Pescador did it from the left, then Yeremay Hernández ‘Peke’ joined Adri Castro in attack.

New disappointment for Fabril. The lads were unable to beat Silva SD in a balanced game with only a few chances to score. The locals had the best opportunities, but they were unable to score. Fabril are now seven points under the promotion zone with another pending game in the schedule.

Fabril started the game having the ball possession, but lacking opportunities. The first chance to score was a shot of Adri Castro from the edge of the area that was an easy catch for visiting goalie Damián Rey (9’).

Then Silva SD gave a step forward and caressed the goal. At minute 17, a bad pass from David Suárez left ex-Fabril Rubén Rivera alone against Brea, his shot was deflected by the keeper and it hit the post. Two minutes later Brea failed to deflect a cross from the left, Javier Ballesteros was close to push the ball in from the goal line, but David Suárez cleared the danger.

The game was turning to be complicated for Fabril. Iñigo Reinoso picked a muscle injury and had to be replaced by Álex Boedo. But then the lads improved within the final fifteen minutes, mainly because the entry of Boedo, plus the repositioning of some players, improved their performance. Pescador was now the left-back defender and Boedo attacked by that side.

The locals could have scored before the break, Yeremay made a solo-play that was cleared when he entered the area (32’) and later Fabril had a couple of corner-kicks. The last chance for Fabril was a cross of Trilli that was headed by Boedo, and the ball went over the crossbar (45).

Fabril started better in the second part, looking for the goal, but lacking a clear opportunity to claim the lead. It was until minute 52 that the locals had a clear opportunity, it was a shot from Sarmiento that Damián Rey cleared over the crossbar. Five minutes later a counterattack of Pescador was about to leave Adri Castro alone against the keeper, but a defender cleared the ball.

The goal wasn’t arriving, so Valerón sent Javi Sánchez and Álex Barba into the pitch, they replaced Sanmartín and Sarmiento.  But the changes didn’t work, actually things went worse as SD Silva claimed control of the ball and the locals were passing more time at their side of the pitch. The visiting side was stealing the ball in attack and Fabril started to face defensive problems, though Silva SD never had a clear chance to score in this half.

Valerón made the last two substitutions. Mario Nájera debuted with Fabril replacing Yeremay, while Guille Bueno entered for Pescador. And Nájera was going to have the clearest chance to score in the second half, this after a combination with Adri Castro, but his shot went out (81’).

Mario Suárez had the last opportunity in the game. It was a corner-kick from the right. The centre-back found the ball outside the box, it was a downwards header that passed between a sea of players, keeper Damián Rey reacted late as he couldn’t see anything, but somehow he kicked the ball out (89’).

Fabril: (4-4-2) Pablo Brea – Trilli, David Suárez, Yuste, Iñigo Reinoso (Boedo 32’) – Javi Sanmartín (Javi Sánchez 60’), Sarmiento (Álex Barba 60’), Kanouté, Pescador (Guille Bueno 76’) – Yeremay ‘Peke’ (Nájera 76’), Adri Castro.
Silva: (5-3-2) Ríos – Lema, Xusto, Fiuza, Orosa, Parafita (Jonny Rodríguez 81’) – Antón (David González 70’), Callón (Souto 3’), Fabio González – Rubén Rivera (Joao García 70’), Ballesteros (Geri Malaj 81’)
Referee: Daniel García Lésta. He showed yellow card to Brais Lema (34), Javi Sánchez (90´) and Adri Castro (90´).
Venue: Abegondo




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