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01 Mar 2021
New defeat for Depor Ladies. The team was fine in the first part, but fell in the second part as the locals started to push for the three points.

Another postponed match in the final free weekends in Liga Iberdrola, and it was another final for Depor Ladies as the team was facing Rayo Vallecano after the painful defeat with Real Betis.

Coach Manu Sánchez was still missing winger Carolina Arbeláez for injury reasons, this time she was joined by Noelia Villegas, who was suspended and Lady Andrade, who suffered a knee contusion in the game with Real Betis. Once again, the coach had to pick Eva Dios and María Figueroa from the B squad in order to cover the available spots.

This is the 14th defeat of Depor Ladies after 19 games, a disaster that’s leaving the team as the bottom club. But the Ladies gave a hard battle in the first part, pushing and having a 1-1 in the scoresheet by half-time unfortunately that strength disappeared in the second half and the team conceded twice.

Rayo Vallecano had the first arrival with an attempt of Bulatovic that was blocked by Sullastres (1’). Then Sheila attempted from the edge of the area, but she missed the target (9’).

Depor Ladies also had a clear opportunity, it was a cross from Michelle Romero that Peke could seize (10’). But it was Rayo Vallecano the side that was going to score the first goal. Sheila made a long run in a counterattack, he was fouled, and Paula Fernández scored through a great free-kick strike.

The goal put Depor Ladies in a new difficult situation, they tried to have the ball and attack, but were having problems to break the local defence. So, the opportunities to score weren’t arriving. Meanwhile, Rayo Vallecano were looking dangerous in the counterattack, mainly through Sheila and her speed.

But Depor Ladies were going to find the equalizer, a counterattack lead by Athenea and Peke ended with a shot of Gaby that went in. After the goal, the game became frantic, Depor and Rayo were having arrivals, and the main one was a shot of Tere Morató that hit the post (39’).

Rayo Vallecano had the first opportunity in the second half, again in the boots of Tere Morató, this time Sullastes cleared to corner-kick (47’). One minute later Elena Martínez attempted from the edge of the area and the ball went over the crossbar.

Depor Ladies were suffering against the local pressure, the next chance was again for Elena Martínez and again she missed the target (52’). So, it wasn’t strange when the second goal for Rayo Vallecano arrived. Tere Morató released a cross from the right and Sladjana Bulatovic headed the ball in at the far post. The locals were close to score the third goal, but the shot of Bulatovic just went close to the post (57’).

The visiting side started to push starting at minute 65, they were having the ball, but the chances weren’t arriving. Despite not having the ball, Rayo Vallecano were looking better through the counterattack lead by Sheila and Tere Morató.

Eva Dios was the first substitution as she replaced Michelle Romero, then Helena Torres claimed the place of Patri López as Manu Sánchez was desperate for the equalizer, but what he found was the third goal.

Substitute Isadora just had seconds on the pitch and she launched the counterattack and Sheila García scored the third goal with a strong shot.  The game was over for a defeated Depor Ladies. María Figueroa entered for Alba Merino and Rayo Vallecano sough for a fourth goal that never arrived.

Rayo Vallecano: (4-4-2) Larqué – Cristina Auñon, Camila Sáez (Paula Andújar 13’), Struck, Sheila (Yasmin 89’) – Elena Martínez (Isadora 79’), Pilar García, Paula Fernández, Aedo (Zaira 78’) - Tere Morató (Patricia Hidalgo 88’), Bulatovic.
Deportivo: (4-3-3) Sullastres – Cris, Iris, Blanco, Patri López (Helena Torres 78’) – Ainoa, Alba Merino (María Figueroa 86’), Gaby – Athenea, Peke, Michelle Romero (Eva Dios 72’).
Goals: 1-0 (26’) Paula Fernández, 1-1: (36’) Gaby, 2-1: (54’) Bulatovic, 3-1: (79’) Sheila
Referee: Claudia Cebollada López. She showed yellow card to Aedo (62’)
Venue: Ciudad Deportiva Fundación Rayo Vallecano.



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