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08 Mar 2021
Defeat in the visit to the third place at the standings. The ladies did what they could in order to contain the rival and ended allowing goals at the end of both halves.

Coach Manu Sánchez was missing three players for injury reasons: left-back Noelia Villegas, plus wingers Carolina Arbeláez and Lady Andrade. The coach made rotations after playing in midweek. Peke was left on the bench, while Depor Ladies B members María Figueroa and Eva Dios were starters.

Normal result for a team that’s suffering a lot on this season, the rival is sixth at the standings and fights for a spot in the Champions League, therefore the defeat was more than expected. But the true is that it wasn’t easy for Real Sociedad, they harassed Depor Ladies in large stages of the game, but they didn’t have too many clear chances and were only able to score at the end of both halves.

Real Sociedad dominated the actions in the first part, they had the ball possession, but later had problems to create scoring opportunities. And that taking in mind that they had two opportunities within the first ten minutes. The first chance to score was a cross that Sanni Franssi met inside the area and her shot went over the crossbar (7’). Three minutes later, Nerea Eizagirre fired from the edge of the area and Sullastres made the save.

Meanwhile, Depor Ladies were hanging on though without having presence in attack, they were searching for their counterattack through long throws searching for Athenea Del Castillo. But they had a good chance to score at minute 21, Patri López released the cross from the left and Alba Merino released a shot that passed close to the far post.

At the middle of the first part, the game became stuck, without chances to score and with a Depor Ladies that was well placed on the pitch. But the Galicians were going to allow a goal in the last opportunity in the half for Real Sociedad. Lucia Rodríguez released a cross from the left and Nerea Eizagirre scored heading the ball at the far post.

Manu Sánchez made two changes at half-time, Peke and Michelle Romero replaced Athenea and María Figueroa. The coach was searching for a more offensive approach, which meant to open a team that was defending in the first part.

Despite the change in the tactic, Depor Ladies were neither creating opportunities nor suffering too much in defence. It was necessary to wait until minute 68 in order to have a clear chance to score.  It was a strong shot of substitute Nahikari García that was saved by Sullastres.

Peke had her only chance in the game with a shot that was blocked by local goalie Mariasun Quiñones (73’). Depor Ladies weren’t committing errors in defence and that explains why the narrow score stayed until the end of the game.

But the Galicians committed two errors at the end of the game, the first was a mistake of Blanco that allowed Bárbara Latorre to release a shot that was saved by Sullatres (78’). And the second error ended in the second goal of Real Sociedad. Michelle Romero lost the ball at midfield, then Kiana Palacios released a long pass that another substitute, Amaiur Sarriegi, converted into the second goal.

Real Sociedad: (4-4-2) Quiñones – Tejada, Lucía, Mendoza, Nuria Rábano – Bárbara (Amaiur Sarriegi 85’), Eizagirre (Kiana Palacios 78’), Baños (Cecilia 59’), Maitane (Itxaso Uriarte 85’) – Gemma, Franssi (Nahikari García 59’). 
Deportivo: (4-3-3) Sullastres – Cris, Iris, Blanco, Patri López – Ainoa, Alba Merino, María Figueroa (Michelle Romero 46’) – Athenea (Peke 46’), Eva Dios, Gaby.
Goals: 1-0: (44’) Eizagirre, 2-0: (89’) Sarriegi 
Referee: Alicia Espinosa Ríos. No cards were shown.
Venue: Zubieta




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