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09 Mar 2021
Defeat for a Fabril that’s in deep problems. Two big errors of David Suárez provoked the first two goals, later the team was unable to react.

Coach Juan Carlos Valerón recovered Iván Guerrero, but Álex Barba was suspended after been sent off in the past game with Bergantiños CF. Jairo Noriega debuted on that game and this time he was a starter.

Alberto Sánchez was the starting keeper, Iván Guerrero covered the right side in defence, the left flank was for Guille Bueno, Juan Rodríguez and David Suárez played at the centre of the defence. Jairo and Javi Sanmartín played at midfield, Javi Sánchez attacked from the right wing, Álex Boedo did it from the left, then Yeremay Hernández ‘Peke’ joined Adri Castro in attack.

Fabril have now lost five of their last six games at Tercera División and is in deep relegation problems. Two defensive errors in the first half put the game uphill, later the team was unable to react in the second part.

The game was balanced within the first minutes, Fabril decided to wait for the rival at their side of the pitch, while Polvorín was having the ball, but without depth. But the locals were going to find the first goal in the game thanks to a defensive mistake. It was an error of David Suárez in the output of the ball, Manuel Moráis ran twenty meters with the ball and scored with a low shot.

But Fabril found a quick equalizer, Javi Sánchez made a good play on the right, he dribbled a rival and his cross was met by Yeremay Hernández ‘Peke’, and the Juvenil B striker scored his first goal with the team with a gently touch.

The game continued to be equal, but a new error by David Suárez was going to cost a new goal. The defender lost the possession of the ball at the edge of the area, Antón Escobar go it and was surrounded by three players, but he managed to assist Manuel Moráis with a heel pass, and he entered the area and scored his second goal in the game with a shot into the near post.

Fabril were aware that it needed to change the outcome of the game and went out for the second part trying to hurry the game, but it found a well-placed team that was closer to score the third goal. At minute 51, Sanmartín committed a foul at the edge of the area and Moráis was close to score in a direct free-kick shot that passed close to the far post.

The visiting side was having problems to create opportunities, and their first chance was a shot of Peke without consequences (57’). The next chance was for Adri Castro, who collected a high pass at the edge of the area, but his attempt went wide (65’).

Pescador was the first substitution as he replaced Jairo Noriega. Fabril started to harass the area, but it found a wall of eight men defending the goal. Peke and Javi Sánchez were trying, but they didn’t find room to release a shot. Then Adri Castro could have scored with a low shot from the right corner of the area, but local goalie Julen Fernández cleared to corner-kick (77’).

Sarmiento, Guedes and Álex Pérez were the last three substitutions at Fabril. But they only found the third goal from the locals, Iago Novo drilled a perfect pass from midfield and into the left corner of the area, substitute Christian Martínez arrived on time to chip the ball over Alberto and scored from close range.

The last chance in the game was for Fabril. Peke collected the ball in a corner-kick and his strong shot was barely deflected by Julen, Álex Pérez scored after collecting the loose ball, but he was offside (90+2’).

Polvorín: (4-4-2) Julen – Asier, Quindimil, Jesús, Martín (Torrado 85’) – Manu Núñez, Dani Vidal, Iago Novo, Marcos (Fidalgo 71’) – Escobar (Christian Martínez 80’), Morais.
Fabril: (4-4-2) Alberto – Iván Guerrero, Juan Rodríguez, David Suárez, Guille Bueno (Guedes 83’) – Javi Sánchez (Sarmiento 83’), Javi Sanmartín, Jairo (Pescador 75’), Boedo (Álex Pérez 83’) – Yeremay ‘Peke’, Adri Castro.
Goals: 1-0: (20’) Moráis, 1-1: (26’) Yeremay, 2-1: (40’) Moráis, 3-1: (86’) Christian Martínez
Referee: Óscar Martínez. He showed yellow card to Sanmartin (51’), Marcos (53’), Yeremay (56’), Martín (64’) & Fidalgo (86’).
Venue: A Cheda






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