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14 Mar 2021
Big win for Depor Ladies, perhaps the best home game of the season. The rival never had a chance and by minute 61 the game was already decided.

Coach Manu Sánchez recovered left-back Noelia Villegas and winger Lady Andrade, the first went directly into the starting eleven. The only player out for injury reasons was winger Carolina Arbeláez.  The coach opted for a 4-3-3 figure with Depor Ladies B Eva Dios as a starter.

It was a great presentation by Depor Ladies, the gals were superior to a grey rival that barely gave problems. Athenea scored a brace  and to round everything, the 3-0 score meant to win the particular series with Rayo Vallecano, another rival for the permanence.

Depor Ladies had the first chance to score in the game, Athenea Del Castillo collected a cross from the right and her crossed shot passed close to the far post (6’).  The second opportunity was a pass of Athenea to Peke and the striker missed the target (15’).

The locals continued insisting and Alba Merino had the next chance with a crossed shot that missed the target (17’). And Depor Ladies were going to claim the deserved lead thanks to Athenea, a cross from the right was headed by Gaby, then Peke missed to connect it, but the loose ball was found by Athenea, who didn’t miss from close range.

The pace was lower for the final fifteen minutes of the first half, but Depor Ladies were having a placid game. The gals were controlling the actions, winning the individual dues and showing more intensity, therefore Rayo Vallecano never had a chance to score.

The Ladies were only pending to increase the lead in order to round the presentation, and they did it as in a frame of fifteen minutes they found two new goals. The second goal was scored by Alba Merino, who arrived from behind in order to find a cross from the right.

And the third goal meant the brace for Athenea Del Castillo. Eva Dios drilled the pass searching for Peke, but it was Athenea the one that found the back of the net firing from inside the area and into the near post.

The game was closed at this height, to the point that Manu Sánchez decided to rest Athenea. Lady Andrade entered for her. Then Michelle Romero claimed the spot of Ainoa Campo.

Rayo Vallecano never represented a menace, and it was good news for a punished defence. After all, this was the third clean sheet within the last six presentations of the team. The game was closed with the entries of Carlota Sánchez and Maria Figueroa replacing Eva Dios and Alba Merino.

Deportivo: (4-3-3) Sullastres – Cris, Iris, Blanco, Villegas – Eva Dios (Carlota 86’), Alba Merino (María Figueroa 86’), Ainoa (Michelle Romero 72’) – Athenea (Lady Andrade 66’), Peke, Gaby.
Rayo Vallecano: (4-4-2) Larqué - Auñón, Catalá (Zaira Flores 69’), Struck, Hayden (Morató 69’) - Pilar García, Pau Fernández, Aedo (Hidalgo 81’), Isadora - Sheila García, Elena (Mrabet 70’) (Paula Fernández 79’).
Goals: 1-0: (23’) Athenea, 2-0: (51’) Alba Merino, 3-0: (61’) Athenea
Referee: Xiomara Díaz García. She showed yellow card to Catalá (26’), Hayden (65’), Morató (81’) & Sole (89’).





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