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16 Mar 2021
Fabril returned to winning ways and it did it with the biggest score on the season. Adri Castro scored a hat-trick as the team tries to change the course in the last stretch of the first round.

Coach Juan Carlos Valerón recovered Álex Barba and the midfielder went directly into the starting formation. Raúl Pescador and Famoussa Kanouté went also into the starting formation as the coach presented a 4-2-3-1 figure.

Pablo Brea was the starting keeper, Iván Guerrero covered the right side in defence, the left flank was for Guille Bueno, Juan Rodríguez and Álvaro Yuste played at the centre of the defence. Kanouté and Barba played at midfield, Javi Sánchez attacked from the right wing, Pescador did it from the left, then Yeremay Hernández ‘Peke’ played behind Adri Castro in attack.

Fabril were in deep trouble, the results of the past month have left the team in relegation and urging victories in order to keep the chance of staying at the fourth tier. And the team had to deal with an initial disadvantage that was turned around at the middle of the first part, for the second half everything was downhill, especially since the rival played with one less player for the last half an hour.

And it’s that Fabril had a doubtful start, unable to create chances and leaking a goal in the first arrival of Vista Alegre. Suso Martínez released a low cross from the left, Diego Fernández collected the ball inside the area as the whole defence arrived late and the attacker scored with a precise shot into the far post.

Fabril were in trouble, but before the nerves were increased, the lads were going to tourn around the score in a matter of five minutes. It all started with Yeremay ‘Peke’, who made a solo-play at the left wing, he entered the area and was pushed, the referee whistled the penalty and Adri Castro converted from the spot.

The second goal arrived only five minutes later. Javi Sánchez assisted Iván Guerrero on the right wing, the right-back released a drilling cross that was going into the path of Adri Castro, and in the attempt to avoid it, Manu Rodríguez scored an own goal.

The second half was a downhill for Fabril, the rival fell down and Fabril had no mercy and scored two more goals before the 60-minute mark. The third goal arrived after a cross of Guille Bueno from the left, there was a defender in the path, but Adri Castro was quick enough to put the boot and his attempt crossed local goalie Christopher.

Raúl Pescador scored the fourth goal, he stole the ball near the area and ended crossing the keeper. And things looked decided when Vista Alegre were reduced to ten men. Emilio Carril was sent off with two yellow cards with thirty minutes remaining.

Vista Alegre gave up and the goals continued to arrive. Valerón made the first substitutions with Guedes and Sarmiento replacing Peke and Javi Sánchez. The fifth goal meant the hat-trick for Adri Castro, the striker collected the ball at the box after a cross of Pescador, the play started with a long pass from the defence.

The locals managed to score a second goal, it was after Jorge Salgado released a curved cross from the right, Yuste tried to control the ball, but instead ended scoring an own goal. Then Valerón made the last three changes with David Suárez, Juan Cambón and Álex Boedo entering the pitch.

And the last two were going to combine for the sixth and final goal of Fabril. It was a free-kick action at midfield, Pescador surprised the whole team of Vista Alegre making a drilling pass into the path of Boedo, and the rivals were just standing and looking how the winger made a short pass to Cambón, who just had to push the ball in from close range.

Vista Alegre: (5-4-1) Christopher - Salgado, Catú, Manu Rodríguez, Bugallo, Suso Martínez (Sebas 79) - Emilio, Moreira (Rubén Márquez 46’), Diego Fernández (Anxo Vilas. 78), Nando - Chiño (Diego Iglesias. 66’).
Fabril: (4-2-3-1) Pablo Brea – Iván Guerrero, Juan Rodríguez (Cambón 76’), Yuste, Guille Bueno – Kanouté, Barba (David Suárez 76’) – Javi Sánchez (Sarmiento 68’), Yeremay (Guedes 68’), Pescador - Adri Castro (Boedo 76’).
Goals: 1-0: (10’) Diego Fernández, 1-1: (24’) Adri Castro (penalty), 1-2: (29’) Manu Rodríguez (o.g.), 1-3: (50’) Adri Castro, 1-4: (56’) Pescador, 1-5: (71’) Adri Castro, 2-5: (76’) Yuste (o.g.), 2-6: (83’) Cambón
Referee: Jesús López Fernández. He showed yellow card to Bugallo (22’), Diego Fernández (33’) Márquez (50’), Catú (59’), Yuste (74’) & Anxo Vilas (89’). Emilio was sent off with two yellow cards (38’ & 60’).
Venue: Santa Isabel






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