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19 Feb 2008
Fabricio Coloccini became the only field player in la liga that has participated in all the possible minutes of the matches, besides he fulfilled 100 games with Depor's shirt. The Argentinean did this during the last game against Recreativo. But it won't be a nice memory for the ex-Milan defender, because he failed twice and was one of the responsible for the defeat in Huelva, reason why he asked for apologies to Lotina.

Since Capdevila didn't played with Villarreal on the last weekend, Fabricio Coloccini became the only field player in la liga with a 100% of participation on this season's matches. More specifically, the Argentinean defender has played in all the possible minutes after 24 matchdays in Primera Divisi??n (2,160 minutes). Only three goalkeepers are able to repeat the same performance: Iker Casillas (Real Madrid), V?­ctor Vald?©s (Barcelona) and Stefano Sorrentino (Recreativo).

Besides, Coloccini fulfilled 100 games with Depor's shirt at the Nuevo Colombino. He's the 64th player that reaches this mark at the Galician club. The Ex-AC Milan player has accomplished this mark after playing 91 games in la liga and 9 for copa del rey. The central defender has also scored two goals, has been booked 19 times and was sent off in 5 opportunities.

But Coloccini couldn't celebrate properly the date, his squad lost an important battle for the permanence and  he in particular was responsible for two of the three goals of Recreativo. The same defender admitted this during a personal conversation with Lotina, as he said in a interview with Depor Sport: "I said to Lotina that I feel bad for my moment of distraction, that it wasn't an error of the team, but a distraction of mine. I'm screwed, the team lost points for my error. How can you tell your children that you remain in the history for Depor's relegation?"

Despite the situation, the Argentinean remains positive about the future "A relegation is a dark sparkle in the curriculum and it isn't passing though my head." Coloccini also analysed his career at Depor after fulfilling the mark of 100 matches with the Galician squad "Well, it seems the difficult moments are lasting more time, but once you reach the mark of 100 games, everything seems to be passing really fast. With Lotina, I have found an stability that I also had with Irureta, but this one goes beyond the sporting sense. It's also the daily work, the life at the changing room, that's what I emphasise, to meet people with whom I had a good relationship during all this years. If I have to make a final balance, everything has been very positive for me."

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