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30 Mar 2021
Fabril were able to enter into the intermediate group after a convincing victory over Viveiro CF, and even reached a good position for the following round after the failures of SD Silva and CSD Arzúa.

The only casualty for coach Juan Carlos Valerón continued to be right-back Íñigo Reinoso, who was out injured. The coach decided to switch the draw into a 4-3-3 formation.

Alberto Sánchez was the starting goalie. Iván Guerrero covered the right side in defence, the left flank was for Guille Bueno, Juan Rodríguez and Álvaro Yuste played at the centre of the defence. Javi Sanmartín, Jorge Sarmiento and Álex Barba played at midfield, Javi Sánchez attacked from the right wing, Yeremay Hernández ‘Peke’ did it from the left, then Adri Castro was the centre forward.

Very complete game for Fabril. The team needed the victory and to wait for the other results, and the lads fulfilled the script with a high note. By minute 20 they already had a two-goal lead and later spent the time exploiting the weakness of the rival.

The game started with an opportunity for each side. Adri Castro attempted a volley from the edge of the area that missed the target (2’). Three minutes later Arturo Calvo had a chance to score with a strong shot from the right side of the area, the ball hit a defender and Alberto made the deflection as he could.

And then Fabril were going to score consecutive goals. In the first, Yuste made a great play on the right and drilled a pass that Javi Sánchez converted from inside the area. In the next attack, the second goal arrived for the visiting side. This time Yeremay was assisting on the left and Álex Barba found the ball at the left corner of the box to end scoring from close range.

Fabril were creating a lot of damage on the left through Guille Bueno and Peke. Besides, the two-goal lead gave a lot of confidence to Fabril, while it was the opposite for Viveiro CF, side that became nervous and anxious.

 The situation started to change at minute 35, Viveiro CF started to have longer ball possessions, though later they weren’t creating opportunities. And Fabril were going to define the gam before the break, Sarmiento took a lateral free-kick and released a quick pass that surprised the whole defence, Adri Castro collected the ball inside the area and resolved without problems. Viveiro CF could have scored at the last minute of the first part, but the shot of Arturo Calvo hit the post.

With the game decided, the second half was calmer. Viveiro CF were trying to attack without too much success, while Fabril were calm defending the big advantage. Things were even clearer after the fourth goal arrived.

It was a new great play of Peke, who made the move on the left to end releasing a low volley, Javi Sánchez found it at the box and his strong shot hit the crossbar and then went it. It was his second on the game and his fifth on the campaign.

Valerón refreshed the team with the entries of Kanouté and Álex Boedo for Barba and Peke. Viveiro found their goal after a new chance for Arturo Calvo, Alberto made the save and this time Javi Rey was there to find the loose ball and define with a header from close range. The last three substitutions were the entries of Guedes, Raúl Pescador and David Suárez.

Fabril not only managed to enter into the intermediate group, but also ended fifth and above four of the other five rivals for the next round. It was possible as CSD Arzúa lost visiting Polvorin CF (2-0), while SD Silva lost at home facing Racing Villalbés.

Viveiro: (4-2-3-1) Manu Cedrón - Agus Pereira, Edgar (Pernas 75’), Nico Madero (Meitin 46’), Pablo Rey - Dani Montes (Rolle 46’), Xaime - Javi Rey, Facu Pérez (Uriol Díaz 46’), Burundarena (Pablo Louzao 75’) - Arturo Calvo.
Fabril: (4-3-3) Alberto – Iván Guerrero, Juan Rodríguez, Yuste (David Suárez 75’), Guille Bueno – Sanmartín (Pescador 75’), Barba (Kanouté 66’), Sarmiento (Guedes 75’) – Javi Sánchez, Adri Castro, Peke (Boedo 66’).
Goals: 0-1: (11’) Javi Sánchez, 0-2: (14’) Barba, 0-3: (41’) Adri Castro, 0-4: (60’) Javi Sánchez, 1-4: (76’) Javi Rey
Referee: Pablo Álvaro Calderón.  He showed yellow card to Nico Madero (28’), Barba (32’), Nico Madero (34’), Dani Montes (37’), Pablo Rey (45’), Javi Rey (48’), Burundarena (63’) & Edgar (65’).
Venue: Cantarrana






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