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02 Apr 2021
The club is negotiating the continuity of Rubén De La Barrera, while Valerón would stay at Fabril. Richard Barral, pointed as the responsible for the current debacle, would also stay.

Newspaper La Voz de Galicia presented on Wednesday a report of what ABANCA is planning for next season after the failure to achieve the promotion to Segunda A. The arrival of the bank in 2020 already started a changing process that will continue on next year.

The idea of professionalization will have two dimensions, the first related to the board of directors. Until now the board of directors is composed by a president and a serious of advisors that divide the main subjects among them (marketing, finances, sporting administration). But now the idea is that the board will only supervise the whole operation, while specific executives inside the club will manage each department. One of the advisors at the board, David Villasuso, will be the link between the direction and the sporting department.

The sporting issues is the other part of the professionalization of the club that ABANCA is trying to change, though this process wasn’t properly explained in the report. La Voz de Galicia only wrote that the club thinking in giving more power to Rubén De La Barrera and Fran.

De La Barrera ends his contract with Depor in June, but La Voz de Galicia reported that the club is already negotiating a renewal, and that he will have more power at the club, to the point that he will be able to choose players during the transfer windows.

Richard Barral, who has been publicly blamed for the failure to achieve the promotion, would stay at the club, but his role isn’t defined in the report. Technical secretariat Alfonso Serrano would also stay.

About the academy, Fran will have the final decision on everything related to all the teams, from Fabril to Benjamin B. Juan Carlos Valerón would continue as the coach of Fabril. The team is currently playing in order to stay at the fourth tier of Spanish football, but the club is content with his progression.

About the composition of the first team, after spending €6.6 million during the current campaign, La Voz de Galicia says that the amount invested on next season would be much lower, and that ABANCA has admitted that the plan of returning to Primera in two years was too ambitious. Now it’s admitted that a more realistic approach is to expect reaching the elite in four years as the club is open to admit more academy players at the first team, and this means time in order to develop the prospects. 



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