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09 Apr 2021
Villares has turned to be one of the most regular players at the first team. He analyzed his arrival to the squad and how they are facing the second round in liga.

Diego Villares addressed the media on Thursday. He was analyzing his status at the first team after been promoted three months ago, “I considered it to be an important opportunity to me. From the club they told me that they trusted me, and I’m happy to be taking advantage of the opportunity. My challenge is to continue helping the team. If it's at the starting eleven, fine, and if not, in the minutes I can have."

The ex-Fabril midfielder was also talking of how they are facing the second phase in liga, “We go game by game, victory by victory. Because this phase is very short, and you cannot relax. Any stumble ends up complicating you. By winning this weekend would be an important step towards the goal. It would give us a mattress to face the games that remain with more tranquility.”

About the upcoming game at UP Langreo, he explained why it was decided not to train in an artificial grass during the week, “We talked about it on Monday and between the captains and the coaching staff, they decided that it was better to continue with the usual dynamics. Changing training sessions could be more harmful than beneficial, especially considering injuries and discomfort, in the health of the players. I'm a bit more used to it, at Tercera it is played more regularly in these fields, but it’s difficult for those who aren’t used to it."

Finally, Villares was talking of the importance of Álex Bergantiños at the squad, “It’s a pleasure to work with Álex. He helps you in everything, always gives you advice. During the game, afterwards, before… he tells you where you have to stand, what you could do better… it helps young people a lot to get on the right track and continue doing it as we are doing."



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