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27 Feb 2008
Sergio G??nzalez broke a mark after taking part of the game against Espanyol, he became the fourth player in terms of games played with Deportivo in Primera Divisi??n. The Catalan midfielder is also the best historic scorer between the active players in the squad, but in this department, he's miles away from the Bebeto's record.

Several fans aren't pleased with the performance showed by Sergio during the last seasons, he's one of the first players to be criticised when the team suffers a defeat or when it plays badly, but the true is that the last three coaches at the club -Irureta, Caparr??s and Lotina- have always counted with him, as a demonstration of this, the Catalan has only missed 22 of the 253 liga games since his arrival to Depor for the season 2001/2002.

In fact, Sergio has been a starter in 202 of those 253 matches (the 80% of the total). The Catalan made his debut at Depor on August 28th 2001 during the opening season game against Valladolid, he replaced Amavisca at the 59th minute. Six and a half years later, Sergio is reaching a respectful mark in the club: 231 matches wearing Deportivo's shirt. A fact he fulfilled on the past weekend, curiously against RCD Espanyol, club in which he played 110 games in his first four seasons between the elite.

With the mark of 231 liga games at Deportivo, Sergio is now the fourth Depor's men with .more matches played in Primera Divisi??n, He's only surpassed by three 'legends' like Fran, Mauro Silva and Donato:

The other player breaking marks at Deportivo is Manuel Pablo, the Canarian right-back is also following the same road, he played his 219th match with Depor on the past weekend and in this way, he has surpassed Enrique Romero on the historic list. Now, Manuel Pablo is only eleven games away from Juan Acu?±a, the historic goalkeeper of the club, meaning that he can become the fifth player on the list at the end of the present season.

Another particular situation with Sergio is that between the active players in the squad, he's the best historic scorer of the club playing in Primera Divisi??n. The Catalan has scored two goals on the present season, now he accumulates 20 with Depor in la liga, but this personal mark is very far from the historic mark of Bebeto:

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