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18 Mar 2008
Coach Miguel �ngel Lotina talked with newspaper <i>La Voz de Galicia</i> about the surprising comeback of Deportivo. The Basque trainer confessed that he saw himself outside of Deportivo after the defeat at Almer�a, a key moment since it was then when he decided to changed the system of play. The following are the main aspects analysed by Lotina.

"When things go wrong, the worst that can happen is to see the players thinking their coach is not acting. If that happens, the player 'goes with the flow'. We talk constantly with them, we worked on correcting the mistakes, we also analysed the causes of this. It was a matter of seeing the squad trusting in the possibility of reversing the adverse results. I consulted some things with the captains, I forced the players to speak out loud in front of the group ..."

"I am stronger with the attacks. The criticism has never affected me. I have great confidence in myself and I don't fell down so easily. Maybe I'm a little different compared to other coaches. I am not affected by the opinions of others, neither when they speak well of me, nor when they talk badly. I'm fairly balanced and that helps me to overcome the bad times. It's true that we weren't achieving the results, but the team was playing well. Moreover, I accept my decisions were questioned, the only thing that bothers me is when I am criticised for the only purpose of hurting me."

"I never had doubts about my continuity. However, after losing against Almeria, yes, the doubts appeared. All messages were coming to me in that direction. But in the evening of the following day, I realised that I was going to continue. From there, I got back to work and I started to think about how to break the impasse."

"The game of Almeria was a key. We had a whole year playing well, but we were losing. With work, we keep the faith of the team in its style of playing, but after falling in Almer�a, I realised the players might have lost that confidence. We had to find a revulsive, a change in the dynamic, something to make us focus on a new path. We induced a shock with the change in the system. The true is that I already was planning the change and I was confident that with the five defenders, the team was going to work. The goal was that our players would be jumping to the grass to face Valladolid thinking more in the new system and how to make it work, not worried of the difficult situation we were facing in la liga. It came out well and it has continued in that way."

"There is no reason to change. The players feel very comfortable with the system of five defenders. No doubt about it, some of them are supporting the rest and the results are good. There are still some adjustments we need to make and we have to improve certain aspects, but overall we're going very well and we'll keep it until the end, as long as we have no injuries nor strange complications. We're playing with five defenders, but we aren't renouncing to play with the ball. The team is always trying to play the ball. You can play like that and keep the taste for the good football."

"We aren't so comfortable as to be targeting other goals in the medium-term. First, we must be focused in Mallorca. It would be a very important victory, because we will surpass a team that barely two months ago seemed unattainable for us. This are three points that means gold. When we would be able to achieve the salvation in a mathematical sense, we could start thinking of the next season. I believe in this team. And I think with a very few alterations, but successful ones, we would experience a considerable growth. In the other side, if we receive offers for our players, is because they have grown individually and we have achieved good marks. I do not mind that happen. But to reach this point, we still far away from that. And I repeat, we must first win at Mallorca and then ensure the permanence."

"I have an automatic clause that will renew my contract if the team ends between the first twelve places. I trust in been able to stay for one more year in this city and in this club. This will mean that our team will continue in Primera Divisi�n."

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