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15 Dec 2005
Caparr??s has started to prepare the lineup that he will use in the Derby with Celta, who will cover the absence of V?­ctor is the main question that he has at this point, for the moment it seems that Enrique Romero is the choice that he prefers, but Senel and Lionel Scaloni are other options to have in mind.

The Sevillan coach will present the same formation that achieved the two last victories against Sevilla and C??diz, but the absence of V?­ctor (thigh injury) is forcing him to think carefully of alternatives for the right wing. The solution could be moving Munitis to the right in order to introduce Enrique Romero to the lineup.

During Wednesday and Thursday Romero occupied Munitis' position during the training session. This option seems strange, especially bearing in mind that Caparr??s has Momo, Iv??n Carril and Scaloni in his squad; however, it isn't unusual since the Utrera-born coach has used before Juli??n de Guzm??n and Rub?©n on the right wing, players that weren't used to performing in that position, as is the case of Romero.

But Caparr??s has proved another alternative: Senel. The youngster is ready to play after his recuperation process and has been probed also on the right wing during the training; however, this option doesn't seem to be probable since the player has three months without seeing action on the pitch. At the same time, Senel's presence in the list of called players shouldn't be strange since Sebasti??n Taborda suffered a muscle injury during Thursday's training, a problem that will cost him an opportunity to play in the Galician Derby.

The option of Scaloni shouldn't be discarded too since Depor's captain is used to performing in complicated games like this one. Another player that could have a chance to appear in Vigo's match is Xisco. Caparr??s has called him to Friday's training and now the youngster is another candidate to replace Taborda in the bench.

The rest of the lineup will be the same of the last two matches: Molina as goalkeeper, Manuel Pablo on the right side of the defence and Capdevila on the left; the duo Andrade-Juanma performing in the central positions; Duscher and Sergio in midfield. Finally, Valer??n will perform as second striker trying to create the chances for Diego Trist??n.

Pedro Munitis talked with sportpaper AS and he expressed his feelings about the match in Vigo: "I believe that both clubs are living a sweet moment and we even have the same quantity of points. It will be a very hard game for sure and I'm hoping to play in this game. Celta's players will give their life in order to be part of the match and these kinds of games are those in which anyone wants to be involved."

The Cantabrian winger also avoided to respond to the provocation made by Gustavo L??pez during the week: â€?It's normal to see those kind of comments in the Derbys. La Coru?±a and Vigo are very near cities. The Derbys are like this." He also believes that stopping Baiano won't be the only solution in order to achieve a positive result: "Celta is more than one player, they like to posses the ball and they are doing a very good job."

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