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24 Mar 2008
For the first time in twelve years, Juvenil A (Deportivo C) won the regional championship thanks to a scoreless draw at Vigo against Celta Juvenil. It's just the latest example of the good work done at the club with the youngest categories. Now the squad coached by Jos� Luis Devesa will play the Champions Cup in Spain and the copa del rey of its category.

Depor's Juvenil A squad already won its group in Divisi�n de Honor (a national competition for the youngsters that's divided in seven regional groups). Devesa's youngsters achieved this four matches before the end thanks to a scoreless draw at Vigo against Celta Juvenil. The squad, composed by 17 and 18-year-old players, achieved this honour with an impressive performance throughout the season.

The squad is the only team in group one that haven't lost any game and presents a remarkable record of nineteen victories and seven draws after sixteen matchdays:

Divisi�n de Honor - group one:

As the table shows up, Juvenil A is the best team in the group in all the departments, it's the squad with more victories (19), the best scorer (65) and the team that has allowed less goals (17). The usual line-up of Devesa is the one conformed by Dar�o as the goalkeeper, a line of four defenders with Hugo Rodr�guez, Marcos Caridad, David Rochela and Ra�l. Midfield is usually composed by Geri, Dani Bea, Juan Dom�nguez and Pablo Rivadula. The striking zone is the sector with more rotations, the more usual performers on this zone are Hugo Garc�a, Dani Bea �scar and Luis �ngel.

Some of this players are already famous at the club, like David Rochela who played with Spain in the last FIFA U-17 World Cup, or like the case of Hugo Garc�a Lagoas who already played with Fabril (Deportivo) and that has exploded on this season scoring twenty five goals in the tournament. Other two youngsters of this team, Marcos Caridad and Juan  Dom�nguez, have even played with Depor's first squad during some pre-season friendlies, while Dani Bea was called by Caparr�s for a Primera game at Mestalla. Other promise is Albanian midfielder Geri Malaj Kola who already played with the U-20 team of his country.

And Juvenil A achieved the gold during a special occasion: a Galician derby. The confrontation against Celta Juvenil was a morbid encounter. The officials at Celta knew this was the last chance to catch Depor's youngsters and they planned several 'obscure' manoeuvres, like programming the match at 10 AM in order to force Depor's youngsters to spend the night at Vigo, at the end the game was postponed due to the fog and it was finally played on last Sunday. Devesa's team suffered during the match but it was able to hold on the initial result, especially thanks to the work done by Marcos Caridad in defence.

Now, Depor's Juvenil A is winning its group in Divisi�n de Honor for the first time in twelve years, this honour allows Devesa's team to face the other six regional winners of Divisi�n de Honor, this tournament is called "Champions Cup" and also guarantees a place in the copa del rey for this category. The Champions Cup starts in one and half month, just one week after the regular season ends. It's played in two stadiums that are near to each other during one single week. So far, only Deportivo and Sevilla have won their groups, while the other five teams that are currently leading their groups are Real Sociedad, Espanyol, Rayo Vallecano, Las Palmas and Villarreal.

As it was said before, the last time that Depor achieved the qualification for the Champions Cup occurred twelve years ago, more exactly on the year 1986. At that time the squad conformed by players like Deus, Xaco and Amarelle achieved the big title after they defeated Real Madrid at Puertollano.

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