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30 Jun 2008
Omar Bravo arrived to La Coru?帶 during Monday's afternoon. The Mexican striker will pass the medicals on this day and will be presented on Wednesday. Before to his journey to La Coru?帶, the ex-Chivas player talked with Mexican reporters about his 'European adventure'.

Together with Mista, Omar Bravo is already in La Coru?帶 and hoping to live a positive moment at Deportivo. The ex-Chivas striker said at Guadalajara's airport that he was a little sad for leaving his family in the North American country "One part of me is really happy because I am living my dream, the other is sad because I am leaving behind the people I love. The true is that I'm a little nostalgic, I am leaving a lot of things, but I will try to stay in touch with them."

He also had some thoughts for Chivas's fans "I have grateful thoughts about the fans at Guadalajara, because they supported me during the good and also at the bad moments. I am truly thankful with them for all their loving demonstrations, their attentions and I hope to be able to see them soon. Thanks to everybody."

Bravo said that his goal is to succeed in his European adventure and to please Deportivo's fans "I am leaving hoping to do the right things, with the strong feeling that I must respond to the confidence that Deportivo has put on me. I will pass the medicals and later I hope to be able to known everything related to the team, to meet my new team mates and to do the right stuff."

Finally and before taking the plane, the Mexican marksman promised that he will do his best effort in La Coru?帶 "I promise one thing: I will do my best effort. I offer sacrifice and everything that's inside me. I will do the things always with great passion, strength and giving everything at any time. I will try to win everything, with a positive mind and doubling my efforts in order to earn a spot in the people's heart."

Later, when Bravo arrived to La Coru?帶's airport, he talked about the reasons he choose to sign for Deportivo "I did it for what this institution means, the city, the squad they possess, to be playing in Europe, to be playing in a liga so important and also to be able to grow as a football player. Everything will be learning for me. I am coming in order to develop myself, although I also come in order to contribute with my football and help to achieve the goals of the club."

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