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01 Apr 2008
After last Sunday's game, Xisco became the 31st Depor's player that scores a hat-trick in Primera Divisi??n. The previous occasion in which someone scored three goals in one single at Deportivo was during the historic 5-0 win at Bala?­dos against Celta:V?­ctor. That was four years ago.

Xisco became the first player at Depor that scores a hat-tirck in Primera Divisi??n  within the last four years. The last one that did the same was V?­ctor during the historic 5-0 win over Celta at Bala?­dos (season 2003-2004). It's the first time that Xisco scores a hat-trick with Depor's first squad, but he already did it with Fabril. First against Alondras during the season 2004/2005 and later he even scored the five goals in the 5-0 win over Portonovo during the same campaign.
Historically, it's the 31st occasion in which a Depor player scores a hat-trick in Primera Divisi??n. The first one was conquered by Jos?© Ignacio Latorre during the 8-1 win over Castell??n back on the season 1946/1947.   The player that has achieved the major number of hat-tricks at Depor is Diego Trist??n, the Andalucian conquered six during his career at the club, while Bebeto fulfilled five, although the Brazilian scored another three hat-tricks in European competitions.

The season in which more hat-tricks were scored was on the 1948-1949, Franco in two occasions, Marquinez and Chao fulfilled these conquers during a year in which Depor ended 10th in la liga. There are three special cases in the history of the club, occasions in which a player scored more than three goals in one single game. The first one had Argentinean Rafael Franco as protagonist, he scored five goals in the 6-1 win over Alcoyano back on the season 1948/1949, same number than Bebeto on the 1995/1996 campaign during the 5-0 win over Albacete, while Manuel Fern??ndez Fern??ndez 'Pahi?±o' scored four against Celta during the season 1954-1955.

A curious case is the one had with Albacete, a Depor player was able to score a hattrick against this club during three straight years (1993, 1994 and 1995). Bebeto did it in the first and third occasion while the second was achieved by Julio Salinas. Another curiosity is that Xisco's hat-trick represents the second time in which a Depor player scores three goals during a game against Real Murcia, the previous one was achieved by Pahi?±o on the season 1955/1956, precisely this was the only time in which Depor lost a game although one of its players scored a hat-trick. In another occasion, Miguel Royo scored three goals in one single game, but Depor wasn't able to win the encounter: 3-3 draw with Real Oviedo during the season 1952/1953.

Hattricks made by Depor's players in Primera Divisi??n:

Meanwhile, playing for European competitions, Depor's players have achieved a hat-trick in five occasions:

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