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01 Apr 2008
The fears of doctor Ram??n Barral were confirmed as the scans revealed that Andr?Šs Guardado suffered a new stress fracture in his right leg. The Mexican suffered the injury after he only spent eight minutes on the pitch during Sunday's game against Murcia. Meanwhile, youngsters Laure and Chapi suffered injuries during Monday's training.

Doctor Ram??n Barral knew the injury suffered by Andr?Šs Guardado might be serious, he expressed his concern after the game ended, but he was needing a confirmation of his premonition. This verification arrived after the latest scan revealed that Guardado has suffered a new stress fracture in his right leg, the second one in the present year. According to the doctors, the injury will need six weeks in order to heal, meaning the Mexican winger will miss the rest of the season due to this problem.

Guardado expressed his sorrow after he was informed about his state "I never suffered an injury in my career and right now I have suffered two straight problems. It's sad to notice I will miss almost the entire second round, but I am still young and I have enough time in order to surpass this bittersweet taste in my mouth." However, the ex-Atlas player is convinced that Depor won't notice his absence "The ones playing are doing a great job and I am calmed, because the team will save itself. Although I feel bad in a personal sense, but we must raise the head."

Doctor Barral talked with reporters and affirmed that right now, the main thing is to recover the player "We are not able to specify if this is a relapse from the previous injury, because an injured muscle always have a higher risk, but it's a major injury and the goal is to see the injury heal rather than to think of a date for his return."

Meanwhile, two new cases occurred during Monday's training. Fabril's defenders Laure and Chapi suffered ankle sprains during the session. The scans determined that Laure will be out of action during two weeks, while the problem of Chapi is minor and he will be able to train during Wednesday's session (Depor's players had the day off during Tuesday). This situation is crucial, because Lotina will not be able to count with Albert Lopo for Sunday's trip to Santander after the Catalan picked his fifth yellow card of the season against Murcia. This means that Lotina has to choose between Chapi and Piscu in order to complete his line of five defenders.

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