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02 Apr 2008
Lopo's suspension for the game with Racing could alter the plans of Lotina. The Basque still has to decide if he will keep the system based in five defenders or if instead, he will return to the figure with four men at the back. Although Lotina hasn't decided yet, everybody expects the system won't be modified. Meaning Lotina will have to choose between Chapi and Piscu for the job.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina will decide during the week if he will maintain the system with five defenders for Sunday's confrontation against Racing Santander, this due to Lopo's suspension after the Catalan picked his fifth yellow card of the season during the match with Murcia. The strategy with five defenders has been appointed as a key factor that has allowed the recovery of Deportivo during the second round in liga, period of time in which Depor has clinched twenty points in eleven and has only leaked eleven goals.

Despite the final decision hasn't been made, everybody expects that Lotina will not touch anything, only the forced substitution of Lopo with one of the central defenders at Fabril, more precisely with one of the two central defenders that already played in Primera: Adri??n L??pez 'Piscu' and David V??zquez 'Chapi'. And its that right-back Antonio Barrag??n remains as the only defensive option in the first squad's bench. The same Lotina already appointed who could be the substitute of Lopo, as he said at Abegondo's press room: "I won't take at the same time the two central defenders from Fabril -Chapi and Adrian-, that's for sure. The logical thing is that it will be Adri??n. Both are fine, but Adri??n is training phenomenal. He lowered his level when he returned to the B squad, but he's fine now."

And the declarations of  Lotina have a base according to the numbers of both players, because Piscu is the most experienced player since he already fulfilled fourteen games in Primera Divisi??n plus one in copa del rey during this campaign, while Chapi only played once in liga and copa. Curiously, Chapi didn't ended well both games since he was sent off in the liga confrontation with Zaragoza and later he was replaced after picking an injury during the copa clash with RCD Espanyol. And if this reason isn't enough, Chapi is doubtful after suffering an ankle problem during Monday's training.

However, Chapi believes he still have a chance to play on Sunday, as he confessed to newspaper La Voz de Galicia: "Sure, we are working in order to have a chance. The hope we, the players in the B squad, have is to see how far can we go. And if this means to play in Primera, to demonstrate we can play like anybody else. I hope to be able to train and at least to be able to enter into the list of called players."

Asked about the system implemented with Lotina, Chapi said he won't have problems to play in a defensive line composed by five men "I haven't played with that system in the first squad, but we already saw it during the trainings. We are coupled with the system and although we haven't played, we already know all the movements they made. I, as long I play, will perform at any place, there will be no problem."

Meanwhile, Piscu said to La Voz that Chapi shouldn't be discarded for the job just because he has played less games than him "The two of us are training with the first team and we have the same opportunities. I was lucky enough to play those matches, but also Chapi has been followed day after day and Lotina knows what we can add to the squad."

Finally and as Chapi appointed too, Piscu affirmed that he won't have problems in order to play in a line with five defenders "It's giving results and people is feeling more comfortable with this scheme. We train every day with the first team and we also tested the system, therefore I won't be afraid to enter into the new scheme because we practise this all over the week."


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