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03 Apr 2008
It seems the latest performance of Lafita has convinced Lendoiro about the necessity of fulfilling the buyout clause over the player. Sportpaper <i>Marca</i> affirms that Depor's president is near to do it, while newspaper <i>La Opini??n A Coru?a</i> talked with the winger's agent who affirmed that he's just waiting to receive a call from Lendoiro

Nobody was impressed with ?ngel Lafita after the Aragonian winger played his first eleven games with Deportivo, he never fitted into the squad and Lotina sidelined him during several months. Lafita returned for the copa series with RCD Espanyol and started to demonstrate his skills, but once again he was erased from the starting eleven after the disastrous 0-3 against Atl?tico Madrid at the Riazor.

But the injury of Andr?s Guardado in the game with Betis and especially, a secret conversation with coach Lotina meant a new opportunity for Lafita. It was then when the Zaragoza-born played exploded. Suddenly, he appeared for the home liga game against RCD Espanyol and impressed with his performance, he even scored a goal. And Lafita replied with two straight goals against Sevilla and Valencia, while his participation in the games against Real Madrid and Murcia was a key in order to achieve the victory. Besides the latest injury of Guardado guarantees a place for him in the upcoming matches.

And now president Lendoiro seems impressed with the level showed by Lafita in this recent games, that's why he's preparing the payment in order to fulfil the buyout clause over the player. Lafita belongs to Real Zaragoza and he came loaned for one season and with Deportivo having a €2 million buyout option over him. According to sportpaper Marca, Lendoiro already decided to fulfill the payment.

If Depor fulfill the buyout option, automatically the player will sign a five-year contract with Depor, although Zaragoza will have the option to re-buy the winger at the end of the first year (summer of 2009), this new clause will be for €3 million.

The agent of Lafita, Antonio Sanz, talked with newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?a and affirmed the player won't think twice about signing a contract with Depor "Just imagine how content is Lafita as we already wrote the five-year contract with Deportivo, everything is written. If Deportivo says everything is OK, we don't even need to talk, because the contract is already done."

However, Sanz said that Deportivo hasn't contacted him in order to fulfil the buyout option over Lafita "They haven't said anything yet. We have talked with Deportivo, but they haven't responded. I understand that until they are more calmed and saved, they won't take a decision, although I doubt the team will suffer the relegation. We could have everything solved at the end of the present month or even in May."

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