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04 Apr 2008
After several weeks out of the team, Cristian Hidalgo has finally surpassed a knee injury. He isn't entering into the plans of Lotina for the game at Santander, but the Catalan winger expects to be able to play at least once during the last seven matches in liga

Q: How are you and when do you believe you will be fit to play?
A: Every day I'm better. I would like to play as soon as possible. I think that on the next week, if the coach wants, I could enter into the list of called players. I don't want to force myself because it isn't the same to train at your own pace than to go directly into a game. Now the team is phenomenal and it will be very difficult to enter. If I go into the list, good. If not, I must continue fighting.

Q:  I notice you are more I happy.
A: Since some time ago, I begun to train with the team, and seriously, I feel very good and very happy.

Q: Guardado's injury and the problems of Wilhelmsson are clearing a little bit both wings.
A: Yes, the injury is a shame because Andr?©s will miss the rest of the season, and although Willy is facing some problems, he might play (at the end the Swedish wasn't called). The opportunities are there for others, what happens is that neither Guardado was a starter. We have Lafita and Willy, and others like Riki, Verd?? and Juan (Rodr?­guez) who can play as well.

Q: Do you think that if Depor ensures the salvation soon, the players with less minutes could enter with more calm into Lotina's plans?
A: Well, if you look it in that way, maybe. But I think that if the we achieve the salvation soon, it depends of the points remaining in the calendar, we can't be relaxed since we'll have to pursue a little bit more, to climb in the table.

Q: Do you see yourself playing before the end of this season?
A: That's what I want. If you give me a chance, yes, but if the team continues to play well, it's normal to continue with the same names, but I want to play a little bit before the end of the tournament.

Q: Have you talked personally with Lotina?
A: Personally no, but he has asked me how I was. Only that.

Q: Do you notice his confidence?
A: It's not a matter of feeling the confidence of Lotina, but to see the coach trusting in the team, he likes to give continuity and is not a matter of noticing he isn't trusting in the ones that aren't playing. If the things go well, he doesn't need to make changes.

Q: Your season has been weak.
A: Yes. At a first moment, I didn't have continuity and later when I started to play, the injury came. We still have eight matches and I hope to be able to play at least once, to end well and to start strongly the next year. I am not happy because I haven't enjoyed the minutes I wanted, but we must not get angry, the team was in the drop zone, and now it's going upwards and that's important.

Q: Do you have something to say to the coach?
A: No. He has found his formula, the scheme has changed, it's giving results and in football is what matters. If the team wins, I understand he will give continuity to the squad, because I would do the same.

Q: Have you missed something?
A: Making self-criticism, perhaps I could did a better job in some games, but not just myself, but the entire world, and that's why we were down there, because something was not going well. We didn't do the right things and now yes.

Q: Do you see yourself in the future of Deportivo?
A: Yes. We all know each other really well after this years, we're  playing more football than last year and now the results are coming. The fans, despite being down there, are looking a better spectacle than last year, although we were a few positions above. At this stage of the past season we neither were much better. We were saved before because the bottom teams were more down than now. Last year if you were losing a game, the clubs at bottom were also losing, but now as you lose a match, they are lurking. The team is well, and let's see if next year we can aspire to something else. I still have two years and what I want is to continue on here. Here you live well, people treats me really well and I am happy in A Coru?±a.

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