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04 Apr 2008
Laure has been one of the most pleasant surprises at Deportivo B, the Madrilenian right-back was a regular participant in Tito Ramallo's squad and is now one of the four Fabril's members that already debuted with the first squad. His contract rules out in June and he's currently sidelined for injury reasons, but Laure already appointed that he wants to continue at the club.

The season of Laureano Sanabria Ruiz 'Laure' at the club has been impressive. The 20-year-old right-back was a vital piece in Deportivo B until Lotina decided to call him for the first squad. He debuted with the senior team during the visit to Villarreal and Lotina is very satisfied with his work. It has even appointed that he's winning the race to Antonio Barrag??n in order to be the future replacement of Manuel Pablo.

Laure is another product of the young system at Real Madrid (he played in Juveniles and Real Madrid C), as it has happened before, he didn't found a room in the club and ended performing for Legan?©s in Segunda B. And he signed for Fabril in a zero-cost transfer during the past summer. The problem is that he only signed for one season.

Lendoiro has started the negotiations in order to extend his contract, but on the last Monday, Laure suffered a stress fracture of the Medial Malleolus during a training game with the first squad, problem that has sidelined him for seven or eight weeks. Curiously, it was during an action against Barrag??n, his rival for Manuel Pablo's spot.

The injury will keep the defender out of Fabril's line-ups for the rest of the regular season, situation that worries Laure because he fears it could freeze the negotiations with Depor, as he said to newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a "The true is that I'm worried, it could influence in my renovation. Because since I am not playing, people starts to forget you, they don't have the orientation. Maybe it's just self-criticism from myself, but what should I know, I'm worried."

Laure is also upset because the injury is coming in a important moment on the season "I would love to end the season in a different way. I feel sad by the time the problem is coming. We were living a very nice moment at Fabril and I also had some options to play another game with the first team. Manuel Pablo has four yellow cards and it could mean a chance for me or Barragan. The coach is trusting in us and whenever there's a problem, he's trusting in us."

Finally, the Madrilenian defender said that his main hope is to continue at Deportivo "I spent several years at Madrid's young system and what I found here was an opportunity to climb to the first team and train with them. I found it very comfortable and you can learn a lot with the international players. It is a real luxury for me. I am just thinking in how to stay on here, and if it can be in the first squad, the better." La Opini??n appoints the negotiations with Laure's agent will continue throughout the month.

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