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04 Apr 2008
Aldo Duscher talked with newspaper <i>La Opini??n A Coru?±a</i>, the Argentinean midfielder is making a good season at Racing and has even exploded as a goalscorer (four goals in liga and one in copa). Duscher analysed the moment lived by both teams and predicts that Depor will be a tough rival for the Catabrians.

Q: I guess Sunday's game will be quite special for you ...
A: Yes because I spent seven years in A Coru?±a and it's always special to face your former team. I lived many beautiful moments with the team and the city, which is wonderful.

Q: How do you see, from the distance, Depor during this season?
A: It started with some distress and poor performances but it has improved considerably. It possess a great squad and I think they won't have a problem to achieve the permanence. There are a lot of quality and experienced players and they are in a great moment. On Sunday we are going to have a very difficult mission, because they won't make easy the things.

Q: Is this a personal revenge?
A: No, because I competed there for very beautiful things and I left very good friends. I have great memories and much appreciation to Depor. It will be hard to deal with this shirt.

Q: So big respect to not be celebrating a goal if you score?
A: I won't celebrate a goal for respect to the team and the fans and because, above all, they will kill me if I do it (he laughs). If I score against any other team I would celebrate, but not against Depor, because it was my home for too long.

Q: What is it the thing that worries you the most about Lotina's team?
A: That's very difficult to score against them. They play with a lot of people at the back and it's very difficult to find a gap between the lines and be able to do some damage. They are grouped very well in the defensive sector and it is hard to find holes. They have also improved up front. They take full advantage of the occasions they have. To surpass them is difficult, but everyone will do their best in order to take this three points that are very important for us.

Q: When Depor started to play with three central defenders, it coincided with the time when they started to improve their game. Do you fear that Racing will be unable to overcome this wall?
A: It's true they have played better since they have changed the system. We've to look to our game and we can't fail as much as in other days. We have improved on this lately and now we must continue in the same way, knowing how to take advantage of our occasions. Their side defenders spent some time at the back, but they also attack a lot and we must be wise with that. If we win, we'll make a very important step in order to be up there. It will be a very hard game. Racing is very good and we must take advantage of the moment.

Q: Are you more pressured than usual by the fact the goal of the season is to play the UEFA cup?
A: Not. We are calm. This is a very nice pressure. We're very well, with a good number of points. We've to play on Sunday and defend this privileged position until death. There's a lot of work to do and we can't claim victory until the end, but it's true, we still have some games at home and we can achieve the objective. The first final is against Depor and we must only think of it. We must win at any cost.

Q: How is possible that playing with Depor you didn't score any goal, and now you are exploding with Racing with four goals in liga and one more in copa?
A: I scored once at Depor. It was during the copa against Murcia, but is on the past now and it doesn't matter.

Q: OK, but I am talking about scoring in la liga, as you are doing now.
A: There, at Depor, I was playing differently. I was more tied to the central defenders and I didn't attack so often as I do now. Here, Marcelino has given me more confidence and I arrive to the rival's area with more frequency. The game practised by the team is also a benefit for me.

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