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09 Apr 2008
Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina talked on Wednesday about some of the current issues at Deportivo. He confirmed that Wilhelmsson and Lopo will probably be the main novelties for Sunday's game with Athletic Bilbao, while he also criticised the words of Atlas's doctors related to Guardado's latest injury.

Firstly, Lotina talked about the case of Riki, the Madrilenian striker suffered a hard hit on the head during Wednesday's training, but he was fine and even played in the afternoon against Racing Ferrol "It has been a blow to the head, after the dizziness he was feeling better, and it seems that there will be no problems for this afternoon."

Later he analysed the case of Adri??n and why he wasn't called for the game at A Malata "Adrian had an ankle problem, he's now fine, that's why he was called for Sunday's game (at Santander), because he's very well. What happens is that we have four forwards for the game, and I am not going to put him on the list just like that. Now he's one more choice for Sunday."

It has been speculated that Alav?Šs is interested in Adri??n, while Rub?Šn Castro could go loaned to Elche, something that was also commented by the Basque coach "I gave permission for the loan (Rub?Šn Castro) and I already talked with the player, it seems the offer has not been completed and we will see what happens. I also received a call from Alav?Šs about Adrian, but we have to analyse it."

Also, sportpaper AS speculates that Lendoiro and Lotina already have a verbal agreement for the continuity of the Me?ąaka-born coach for the following season, but Lotina denied this "Neither we spoken about a a renewal nor I want to talk about it until we fulfil the goals for this season. There is a contract that stipulates that if the team is among the first 12, I will have an automatic renewal. Although the president has told me that if the team stays in Primera, and if I want to stay, I should stay. But now, for me, what matters is to see the team improving. I want to focus only in what remains of the season, in improving and winning matches."

Talking of the current moment of the team, Lotina said it's still to early to talk about the UEFA cup, but that at the same time, the permanence looks now like a simple reward for him "What I feel is that, seeing how the team is playing at this moment, to just talk of the permanence is something ruin, although to talk of the UEFA is very daring."

Lotina also revealed what are his plans for the game with Athletic Bilbao while he praised the level of the Basques "At the beginning, 'Willy' and Lopo are coming back. We'll face a team that's in a very healthy condition, it's achieving very good results, they are frankly well and represents a dangerous team that is very sure about what they are doing. Athletic has more money on this year, players like Ocio and David Lopez are doing fine, also players who have grown as Amorebieta, Javi Martinez and Llorente. There are several coincidences that are allowing their improvement. Besides, the work of the coach influences in the fact of having an Athletic that's better than in past seasons."

The polemic issue has been the case with Andr?Šs Guardado, it was know in recent hours that the doctors at Atlas have said the injury of the Mexican winger could be healed in two weeks and not in four as Depor's doctors stipulated before, something that Lotina hasn't liked "Guardado played with the national team, not with us. Let's see if our doctors must now be blamed because he played in London (Mexico against Ghana). If I, the ultimately responsible for this matter, rather than the doctors, is not throwing shit to the national team for his injury, and now it results they will blame us... If they can shorten the time limits, the better, but it's difficult to make miracles. Here, there are good doctors too and I am surprised that our doctors talk about six weeks and later their doctors are appointing  he will be ready in two less weeks. If they do so, I would do the wave for them, but it's very easy to be brave when they aren't the directly responsible for an injury. The last word is for the doctors at Deportivo, they are the ones that determine when he's ready to play, because if he suffers a new setback, people will look to Deportivo's doctors."

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