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16 Apr 2008
New scans will determine today if Juan Carlos Valer??n's injury is serious or if it's just a small setback in his recuperation process. The Canarian was playing the copa Galicia encounter against Negreira and he had to left the pitch after he felt some pain in his left leg.

Just fifteen minutes after the game at Los Pozos started, Juan Carlos Valer??n was running trying to get the ball, suddenly he felt some pain in his left leg and immediately he asked for the change. During the past two years, the Canarian playmaker has suffered multiple problems on his left knee and went through surgery twice in order to correct a medial cartilage meniscus injury. Depor's doctors were fearing that this was a new problem in the same sector.

But after the game ended, doctor Ram??n Barral was more optimistic after he talked with Valer??n "The pitch was soft and the player noticed some pain when he started to run. Possibly is a small tear in the muscle, but in any case, it's an injury without importance."

The same Valer??n explained to reporters what he felt "I felt some pain and I couldn't continue. When you notice something like this, the best thing is to stop. It's Normal, it was just a small puncture, something that can happen to anybody, let's hope it won't be serious. Despite the problem, I was feeling content and with positive sensations." Further scans will me made during this day at the hospital and the doctors will determine what's the exact seriousness of the injury.

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