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17 Apr 2008
During the past week, Deportivo signed a new contract with two of its most promising youngsters, one of them is Hugo Garc?a, a 18-year-old striker that has exploded with his 22 goals with Juvenil A during the present season. Now he dreams to reach the marks of Diego Trist??n, his idol at Depor.

Hugo Garc?a was born in Ourense and he started to play football since he was a kid. His first team was Pabell??n, a club from his hometown. The current manager of that club, Manuel Dopazo, remembers that he started to shine since the beginning "One afternoon, we were losing 1-2 at Chapela, then he went out to the pitch, he found three balls, he eluded everybody and we won 4-2." Dopazo also described Garc?a as a shy person "He was very calmed, but when he was entering to the pitch, a transformation was occurring."

When he was 15, he signed for Real Madrid, he played with Cadete A and Juvenil C and scored 26 goals, an experience that Hugo Garc?a considers as a positive one, as he confessed to La Voz de Galicia "They call me when I was 13, they insisted when I was 14 and I couldn't say no when I was 15. I was there for just one year, but I keep a good memory after all."

Hugo was loaned out to Real Valladolid during the following year, he scored 19 goals with Juvenil B, but he didn't like the experience "I went there forced, I didn't want to be there, therefore I started to ask for my freedom since the day I arrived. That if they wouldn't give me that, I wouldn't play, I was training, but I wasn't playing. One year later, I signed for Depor."

And he only needed two years at Depor's young categories in order to convince everybody, he has scored 44 goals between his stages at Juvenil B (season 06/07) and Juvenil A (season 07/08). However, the same striker confessed that he never expected to succeed at Deportivo "I wasn't playing with Juvenil A and I started to think twice about my life, even to leave everything and return home. During the pre-season, it didn't look I would play too often, but the first game arrived and I was a starter."

The coach of Juvenil A, Jos? Luis Devesa, remembers that Hugo suffered in order to be adapted to the group "They said he was skilful, that he was a great striker, but during the trainings we didn't see anything, he didn't even wanted to reach the rival's area, instead he was almost leaving the box." However, Devesa praised his current level "He's a killer, a finisher, very good inside the box. He's also shy, you don't hear him at the changing room, but you notice his presence. This year, he was already saying in February that we would be champions."

Garc?a describes himself as an attacker that likes to face complicate plays inside the box, one that also has troubles with the aerial game "My classic play is to shot on target when I'm inside the box. I like to receive the ball when I am backwards to the goal, then I twist myself inside the area and try to shot, I have scored a lot of goals in that way. My weak point is to hit the ball with the head, my team mates already know that in order to see me shooting, the need to send me low crosses."

Now Depor's officials are impressed with Hugo Garc?a, and they expect to see more in the near future, that's why the club has signed a new contract with him. This deals stipulates three more years for him, period that could be extended for three additional years if he plays fifteen games with the first squad or if the clubs decides to give him a professional contract. This new deal is something that's giving serenity to Hugo, as he said: "I will have more calm now. For the first time, I will know exactly in which club will I play during the next season." and that club is non other than Deportivo, the same club in which Diego Trist??n, his idol, shined. Garc?a confessed that he still have posters of Trist??n hanging on his room. Time will tell if he will be able to reach the level of his object of worship.

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