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17 Apr 2008
Filipe Luis Kasmirski is aware that this has been the best season in his sporting career, the Brazilian left-back already doubled the number of minutes played during the stage with Caparr??s and scored his first goal of the season during the past match with Athletic Bilbao. Now he talks with newspaper <i>La Opini??n A Coru?±a</i> about his sensations and also about the future.

Q:  Only one goal, but what a  goal ...
A: It was a very special goal for me. I was really looking forward to do it and it's much better because it was scored at the Riazor.

Q: Surely if you would have dreamed this, it wouldn't be so nice.
A: You always hope to score a nice goal, but the true is that the play ended very well.

Q: In the stands, Capdevila was watching you, he said that you are the best side defender in la liga, what do you think?
A: That was the greatest thing, but he knows that the best left-back is him and that I am only his apprentice. I have learned a lot from him. He is a good friend and hopefully everything will go well.

Q: After scoring the goal, you pointed at the sky, was that a dedication?
A: Yes, to my younger brother who is in Brazil.

Q: Last year you also scored one goal, do you expect to score more from here to the end of the season?
A: Hopefully, but we have to try to maintain this level, because in this way, we all win.

Q: In addition, it was a goal with a bet, but I have the impression that you bet to the winning horse with Manuel Pablo?
A: It was an easy bet, because the worst thing that can happen was to tie  (he laughs). Just kidding, Manuel Pablo is a great player and certainly he will also score his own goal.

Q: If he scores now, will we see more bets?
A: No. The bet has already finished, if he scores now, well, it will be a joy.

Q: Do you already have a date and place for the mariscada?
A: No, because we still have other bets, therefore first we need to pay those bets and later the one of the goal.

Q: So, does he still have to pay you more?
A: Yes, things between us, card games.

Q: And what are your favourite seafood?
A: I like everything, but especially when they are free (he laughs).

Q: Until Sunday, you hadn't score any goal, but not because you didn't try. Several posts, a few crossbars and some 'uff'.
A: And I lost the count, because in all the games I was close to do it. When I was failing, I was saying to myself: 'It can't be that I won't score one in the whole season,' and now that I have started, let's see if I can continue.

Q: Now you are also throwing more free-kicks than last year. Was it something common in other teams?
A: Yes, in Brazil I was throwing a lot of fouls and at Madrid too, but here, on the last year, we had good players for it and this year we have Guardado too, but with the injury, the opportunity has knocked at my door.

Q: You have played a lot of games and several of them completely. It's necessary to make a final effort, this is what Lotina has asked from you, but you are already noticing the big number of matches, isn't?
A: You can notice the team is tired, but I think we all want to prove to the end. It will be better for everyone, if we are up there, we will be recognised by the entire world.

Q: Just a couple of months ago, you would take as a joke  the registration for the Intertoto.
A: Yes. It seemed like a lie, but we all believed in us, although a lot of people doubted. We were missing to find our football and when we did it, everything has gone much better.

Q: Looking back now, do you regret not having found the formula much earlier? Because now you would be fighting for the UEFA, that's for sure.
A: You see that Espanyol began in a phenomenal way and now they are in a slump, I think all teams go through this during one season. We started low and we are now having an unbelievable run. It's a pity that we didn't add more points, we must recognise that we suffered a lot, but the team has been able to respond very well, because many rivals who lived the same, still not able to leave behind the situation and they are going down.

Q: - Last year you went through bad moments for all the time that Depor needed in order to renew your contract. This season, after the great work you have made, I suppose you expect that everything will be solved much earlier.
A: This year I am much more relaxed, because I stopped thinking about that. I just think in playing and let everything happen naturally. What I am not going to allow is to repeat the thing of the last year: to come overweight.

Q: It seems like an open secret that the club will fulfil your buyout option, which after your season, it no longer seems so high.
A: They know that I want to stay here and that it only depends on Depor, let's see if that happens and I'm able to stay here for four more seasons.

Q: With the season you have done, there will be other teams calling at your door. Maybe this year you are no longer willing to wait for that long.
A: Depor has it on its hands and I think that they will do it, but I try to not think about other teams and I am only attempting to play.

Q: So, no approach from the club?
A: So far, no.

Q: What about other teams?
A. I have told my agent that I don't want to know. I want to think only of the team.

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