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17 Apr 2008
Juan Carlos Valer??n will not participate of the remaining six games in la liga, the scans made on Thursday's evening indicates that the Canarian playmaker suffered a tear in a muscle during the copa Galicia match against Negreira, reason why he will be out of the pitch during four weeks.

The bad news for Juan Carlos Valer??n continues, the Canarian midfielder returned during January's victory over Valladolid at the Riazor (3-1), this occurred after he spent two years out due to a medial cartilage meniscus injury. He was an starter in the Depor's two games in Copa Galicia and was forced to abandon the pitch during the semi-final game with Negreira after he felt some pain in the left leg.

The doctors were expecting that the problem won't be too serious, and the latest scans determined that they were right, because Valer??n is only suffering a tear in a muscle, more specifically a hamstring tendon rupture. Despite the problem isn't serious, he will have to rest during the following four weeks, meaning that he won't play during the remaining six matches of the season.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was already expecting this diagnosis and appoints that El Flaco should now target the pre-season as its personal goal, as the Basque trainer said to La Voz de Galicia "The injury is a setback, because I was wishing to put him on the line-ups now that we have achieved the permanence, but now the best thing is to see Valer??n making a good pre-season. He will be able to make a progressive effort with the rest of the group and play the friendly matches, therefore we will wait until the summer."

Depor's physical trainer, Carlos Lari?±o, also explained that this kind of problems are difficult to avoid after a player has been out for a long period "After being out for many months, the muscles trend is the atrophy. Although we work hard in the gym, the muscle fiber is atrophied, and when you meet again the demands of stretching and elasticity, you will find all these problems. We know that his knee is going to be fine. The problem will be these small things, and maybe we will see more. But of course, when he's able to regain the tension of the games, the muscles demonstrate that they still not at one hundred percent, it's inevitably."

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