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18 Apr 2008
Augusto C?Šsar Lendoiro talked during Wednesday at <i>Radio Marca</i>. Depor's president analysed the current situation of the club, he talked about the present, the future, the situation lived in the past with Lotina and also about his relationship with the city major.

Why Lotina wasn't fired after the game at Almer?­a.
"I think it was a matter of confidence. I saw the team was playing well, that Lotina was fine, that the squad was very united and it didn't seem logical to take decisions in this regard. We were in a very complicated situation, but we needed to be aware that we could lead the team to a much more damaging situation, because someone new could commit the same mistakes since he wouldn't know where he was going. Therefore we needed confidence, we also remembered that we were a little unlucky to lose some games,  because we had truly incredible matches, now the distance has been reduced and it came the moment in which Deportivo is the best team of the second round. That leads you to believe that we weren't neither as bad nor as good we are now. Simply is a good team. I have always thought that it was one of the ten or twelve best teams in Primera and I still believing it. The squad has not changed, there has been substantial recoveries like Lopo or Pablo Amo, also Lafita, who wasn't previously entering in the scheme and Xisco who was alternating. This is the world of football. This gives you the smell of the situation, even though these were difficult moments because practically nobody was in line with that decision.

The situation at Valencia and Zaragoza.
"It can be seen from the inside, is tangible and the experience you might have is from your club. We have spent 20 years, that we'll meet in July, we are all people from the amateur football, we are friends, we have been in very tough battles at specified times, first to be promoted to Primera, then to consolidate a great team at Primera Division. We have gone through many things, and that gives you the experience to know that many times, it's better to talk less, because you will have less chances of screwing the things."

The situation with the city council.
"The relationship with Losada is the same or even worse than with Vazquez. It's an incredible thing. The sad part in this life is when there is no dialogue, because when there isn't dialogue, there can be nothing. Unable to speak things. The other day, Athletic came and there were 2,500 Basque fans on here. The colours and what they left in the city, what they talk of the city. If not, when we talk about small towns, is only about the great misfortunes. You never know what you have lost until it is lost. "

Similar situations in other cities.
"What I do advocate is the support from institutions to the clubs and sporting societies. There is always the tendency to say that no one can help because it's a corporation. Apart from the fact that some are companies with very special reasons, for the feeling that entails. For example, Valencia may have many problems, but yesterday they enjoyed the satisfaction of being champions in the Copa del Rey. It is something  that no one will remove to all Valencians. With the facilities given by the government, the community of Valencia, the deputation. The whole world has turned to Valencia, also with Zaragoza, and I defend it because the banner of a real city is its football club. It's the city competing in Spain, Europe, throughout the world. Before it was said that to be a first class city, you were needing to have a 'Corte Ingl?Šs' and a team in Primera Divisi??n. Today, 'Corte Ingl?Šs' is world-wide, but the teams of Primera Divisi??n remain the same and that shows what are the capitals that are maintained and that speaks for them. That is the reality and it's unbelievable to see people even discussing about it. "

The relegation
"Any relegation to Segunda is painful, especially for those who have more years in Primera, the more dangerous it's the fall. That is true, but it's the same for everyone. There are teams that are suffering now as our neighbours at Celta, also Sporting (Gij??n) or Malaga. They are huge clubs, which were not casual at Primera or clubs that passed too little time there. Here as you fall with the team to Segunda, the situation is dramatic because you have the same contracts. We lived something similar because we were a Champions League team, but we fail to continue and all the contracts remained the same and we have to eat them,  there are the debts of Deportivo, just like those who have suddenly suffered this situations. "

Youth project
"We are now in this special campaign, one in which we are  launching young people and primarily for the B squad. The Juvenil team is champion since a while ago in Division of Honor. The second team was the first place for many days and is now fighting for the promotion. Many young players in the first squad and many of Fabril that have been promoted in that period of time, but of course, you are playing for your life. If you fall down, a high percent of television rights disappears and you are caught in a sort of blind alley ".

The current objective
"We are talking about an atypical season in the sense that forty-three points won't be enough to save the category. Still, we will have to add more. Forty-five points I think it can be enough. What really excites me at the moment is, of course, if we can enter into the Intertoto, because it would be a pleasure, first, to the fans and secondly, to the confidence you have with the team, the coach and the players, that their strength is sufficient to reach such important positions. After how badly we were in the first round. But above all, I would like to continue in the future, with the approach that we have now. As example in the striking zone at Deportivo, four or five players who usually move in those positions have an average of 21, 22, 23 years at most. That allows you to dream about the future and to think this players, who possess quality, can be maintained here for many years and at prices that are acceptable, especially for teams like ours, ones with the absence of such institutional support and also without a large capital or without an owner with a lot of money. Because here, the capital of the club is totally divided, it lives of a small town and a small town can only contribute with this."

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