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21 Apr 2008
The bad news were confirmed on Monday, right-back defender Antonio Barrag�n will miss the rest of the season after he suffered a knee injury, more precisely a ligament damage in his right knee. Problem that will sideline him from the squad for at least two months. He will have to go through surgery.

It was supposed to be a positive day for Antonio Barrag�n, he was returning into action after a couple of months out. Lotina was trusting in him since Manuel Pablo was suspended for the match at Pamplona. But the 20-year-old youngster just spent 60 minutes on the pitch during the 1-0 win over Osasuna, because he suffered a knee injury and was replaced by Cristian Hidalgo.

On Monday, the doctors made the first scans and it was determined that Barrag�n suffered a tear to the lateral ligament on the outside of his right knee, problem that needs surgery and that means a recuperation process of at least two months.

But the problem doesn't end there, the doctors are fearing that Barrag�n has also suffered damage in the anterior cruciate ligament, this would mean a more serious injury (six months absence). More scans will be made during the week and doctors will determine the seriousness of the problem. What's clear is that Barrag�n will not play during the rest of the season.

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