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23 Apr 2008
It hasn't been a good season for Cristian Hidalgo, the Catalan spent four months without playing and three and a half without entering into a list of called players, he returned as the emergency backup of Barrag�n during the match against Osasuna. Despite he never played there before, Cristian said that he felt comfortable at the right-back position, now he targets the game against Barca as his new goal.

Before to the game at Reyno de Navarra, the last game of Cristian Hidalgo with the first squad was the visit to Levante during December of the past year. A complicate knee injury left him out of action during four months, and the Catalan returned for the game against Osasuna, and he did it as an emergency back-up for Barrag�n after this last one suffered a serious knee injury during the encounter.

Cristian had to perform as a right-back during the last thirty minutes of the game, it was a new position for him, but the ex-Barcelona winger said that he felt fine in the job "At the beginning, I was feeling asphyxiated, because I didn't have time to warm up due to Barrag�n's injury, besides I never played before as a right-back. But at the end, and with the help of Lopo, I think I fulfilled my duty and I made a nice job. When the coach told me that I had to go out, I was joyful."

The Catalan player also confessed that he was feeling depressed after he was forced to spend four months out of the squad due to his injury problem "I was needing to feel the sensation of been dressing up in the changing room before to a game, also to feel I was going to play and not to watch the game at home."

Now Cristian targets the game against his ex-club as his new goal "Let's see if I have the chance to play for some minutes and especially now, time in which we are more calmed, this is going to be a game to be delighted. I'm sure we'll give a hard battle, because in the matches of the past season and in the one of the first round, we played good football and they suffered against us. It will be phenomenal to achieve the fifth straight win in liga, mainly because we are playing in front of our fans."

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