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25 Apr 2008
Miguel �ngel Lotina searches his first victory against Frank Rijkaard, the Basque hasn't been able to defeat the Dutch coach after eight confrontations in la liga. Lotina didn't give too many clues about the line-up that he will use although he affirmed that Depor will keep playing with the same system. Meanwhile Rijkaard explained the reasons why he left important players out of the game at the Riazor.

Franklin Edmund Rijkaard is completing his fifth season at Barcelona, period of time in which he has conquered two titles in la liga and one in Champions League. Despite this achievements, it has been rumoured that he won't continue in the Catalan club since his team hasn't been able to add more triumphs within the last two years. Curiously, his rival on Saturday -Lotina- has won the only title he's missing in Spain: the copa del rey. Trophy the Basque conquered with RCD Espanyol a couple of years ago.

Miguel �ngel Lotina possess more experience, because his career started sixteen years ago (season 1992/93) and because he already worked with six different Primera clubs. Besides, Lotina (305) almost double the number of Rijkaard's matches (185) in Primera Divisi�n, but the curiosity is that the Basque coach hasn't been able to defeat the Dutch trainer after eight confrontations in Primera Divisi�n:

Depor's coach talked at Abegondo's press room after Friday's training, he explained some of his decisions when he was preparing the list of called players "I'm taking Chapi because he's a more multifunctional player compared to Adri�n. Rub�n Castro is entering because he's in great shape. The only doubtful player during the week that will stay out is Antonio Tom�s. Wilhelmsson, Taborda and Manuel Pablo were holding on during today's training, let's wait for tomorrow, but I'm sure who is going to play."

However, the Basque trainer didn't want to give the names that will conform his starting line-up, although he assured that his intention is to keep using the system with five defenders "When we've changed our game, it was because we have been forced for the opponent's tactic or because we were confused, I told the players what they have to do when the team is having the ball possession, let's see if we can do it. The idea is to continue with five men at the back, only if Manuel Pablo is unable to play, he wants to play but if he falls at the last minute, then we'll be playing with a four-line at the back."

Lotina also talked about the rival "It's an important game for us, although they, unconsciously, are more worried about Manchester, Barca is a great team. We too, both teams feel a great respect for each other. Barca is a team that always plays in the same way since Rijkaard arrived, as we know it all. They create numerical superiority in certain parts of the pitch and then, the individualities emerge. It's very easy to analyse them and very difficult to stop. For me, they began the season with the best squad in recent years, but then there have been circumstances which led them to be like in the current situation. I want they to win the Champions League, but what I don't want is to see them winning tomorrow."

Finally, the Me�aka born trainer said that he's only thinking in adding a new victory in la liga "My job is to see the team reaching the matches in the best physical, psychological, and technical conditions, since that point, let's see if we can win. What we are not going to do is to go out for a scoreless draw, the team is not feeling comfortable playing like that and we don't have that particular necessity."

Barcelona's trainer talked before the trip to La Coru�a, he explained the reason why he reserved several players that performed with Manchester United for the Champions League "I do not think of the current classification, nor if we can no longer be first in la liga, nor if we can still achieve the second place, nor in the game against Manchester. I only care about my players' health."

Later, the Dutch trainer explained the cases of Eto'o, Xavi and Messi "Eto'o and Xavi were needing a rest. Messi can't play for ninety minutes, although some people thinks the opposite. He has suffered two major injuries and I am no longer talking as a coach, but as a football fan: Messi must be protected, because I will love to see him on the pitch during several years."

Despite his list of called players says the opposite thing, Frank Rijkaard is affirming that his priority is la liga "It's an important meeting, because we always want to give a positive impression and fulfil our work. We play away from home against a team that has been adding many points lately and it's going to be interesting. That if our objective is to achieve the second place in la liga? The goal is to win all the remaining games in the competition.".

Finally, the Amsterdam-born trainer was asked why his team isn't playing in the same way in la liga compared to the performance showed in Champions League, his response was: "It must be remembered the line-ups we have used, all the moments in which we missed important players because they were injured or, after their return, weren't in their best form. All these are things to consider."

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