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22 Dec 2005
The papers describe Deportivo’s defeat as a product of two defensive mistakes during the second half. The red card that Mois?©s Hurtado saw at the beginning of the second half seems to be the point of reference during which the situation changed. Ironically, it was Espanyol who became the main beneficiary of it.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: Deportivo ends the year this way –  with an acceptable La Liga record, but with a defeat at home. A classic.  But happiness isn’t forever. The breakdowns are only forgotten by having new reasons to celebrate, at least that’s what party people say to justify their behaviour. Yesterday Depor tried, but they faced a cruel reality.  Not everyday is a party. Last Saturday in Vigo the squad had an easy task after the rival’s red card. Yesterday they also faced ten men, but then they committed two defensive errors that resulted in goals, and everybody knows that if Depor don't win it’s because they can’t score goals. Not even with Trist??n improving his statistics with each new goal. Rodri Su??rez.

La Voz de Galicia: Football isn't what it seems to be. Sometimes like yesterday a team like Deportivo dominates the match and passes the ball all over the pitch, but it doesn’t create real danger and transform the actions into a positive scoreline. It wasn't a symphony, but a least proof of confidence in themselves. The Galicians don't fool anybody, they know their strong points and take advantage of their virtues.  The situation is even better when Valer??n is used as an intermediary.  And that was the history of the match – Depor should have won a game that Espanyol didn't want to play.  They were only waiting in their area, but at the same time they felt comfortable attacking the rival. Depor lacked the patience needed to break through a defensive wall that was suffering under a barrage of crosses. Jos?© M. Fern??ndez.

El Ideal Gallego: For the third consecutive game Depor faced a rival reduced to ten men. After a first half in which Caparr??s' squad was attacking, the 0-0 at half time seemed like an unfair result.  The second half was seen as the opportunity to score a goal and later enjoy the holiday season, but the Galicians weren't having the best night and defensive errors caused the winning goals to arrive like a cool punishment to the squad. With the 0-2 score Caparr??s sent all of his ships out to battle: Trist??n, Rub?©n, Xisco, Valer??n, Momo... not even then could the team break through! Despite the defeat, the fans should be happy – the team occupies a European spot, although Depor would have been third with the victory, but they are still missing the efficiency to score goals.  Let's see if Arizmendi is capable of solving this mess in January. Alberto Torres.

El Mundo Deportivo (Barcelona): Heroic Espanyol. Espanyol succeeded when nobody was expecting it. They played an excellent game and surprised Caparr??s' squad. They also did it with ten men after Mois?©s Hurtado was sent off. Just when the hope of achieving a point was dying they built an impressive victory. The defenders were perfect and when Pochettino replaced Tamudo at the end of the match the defensive line was converted into a wall, a barrier that a desperate Deportivo couldn't surpass, without holes and also without conviction. The year ends for Espanyol with one of their best triumphs in this Liga. A real boost that will help them climb the table and that's also giving good sensations for the future. Manuel C??novas.

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