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04 May 2008
A report in newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?a affirms that Dudu Aouate is living a tough situation inside of Deportivo's squad. According to this source, the Israeli keeper is isolated as nobody talks with him. All of this generated from the past fight with Gustavo Mun??a, the other keeper in the first team.

A report in the Galician media is informing about the problems inside of Deportivo's squad. The article was written by reporter Roi Fern??ndez in newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?a and affirms that Dudu Aouate is isolated inside of Deportivo's squad. The journalist travelled with the team during the past weekend's trip to Zaragoza. He affirms that nobody in the squad talked with Aouate during the journey and that the keeper was sited alone in the bus.

Fern??ndez reports that only Rodolfo Bodipo had a conversation with Aouate during the hour and a half that lasted the trip from Zaragoza to La Coru?a. Fern??ndez also wrote that only Pablo Amo exchanged some words with the keeper, but it was to ask for a magazine that was near to the Israeli player. Besides, the journalist affirms that nobody consoled Aouate after the error committed during the last-minute goal of Zaragoza, a symptom that according to him demonstrates the rupture between him and the rest of the players.

The reporter of La Opini??n affirms this scenario is not a coincidence and that in fact, the same situation is repeated every weekend and also during the training sessions. According to Fern??ndez, Aouate only maintains a kind relationship with the Fabril's players that join the first squad during the trainings. The problem started with the fight between Aouate and Mun??a, the Israeli received the punches but it seems the whole squad is blaming him for the conflict.

It must be reminded that Aouate said in a press conference that took place before the fight, that he was deserving to be the starting keeper, and that he was surprised to see Lotina giving a chance to Mun??a after his previous error in the game against Osasuna. The players didn't like his attitude and although nobody defends the acts of Mun??a, they neither liked the words of the Israeli keeper. Also, some people blame him for been the player that told sportpaper Marca about the rumour affirming that Depor's players were no longer trusting in Lotina after the negative streak lived during the first round.

It seems the club is aware of this situation and the plans to sell Aouate and Mun??a are no longer a mystery. It has been speculated that some Premiership clubs are interested in the ex-Racing kepeer, but Lendoiro has only received an offer from Queens Park Rangers. Meanwhile, the club is exploring the market searching for a substitute, the first name to emerge was Dani Aranzubia from Athletic Bilbao, goalkeeper that ends his contract in June of the present year.

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