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06 May 2008
It's a open secret that Deportivo will try to replace Mun??a and Aouate during the summer, however nobody wants to talk in public about the issue. Not even Richard Moar, the sporting director at the club. Meanwhile, both keepers are saying their only goal is to continue at Depor

The conflict between Gustavo Mun??a and Dudu Aouate has continued to create polemic in La Coru?±a. Specially after Monday's report in newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a, article that revealed that nobody inside the squad is talking with Aouate after the incident with Mun??a. It has been highly speculated that Lendoiro doesn't want to keep both keepers for next season and that the club is already searching for a replacement.

However, Richard Moar, the sporting director of Depor and one of Lendoiro's main advisor, said in a local TV channel that the club isn't thinking in signing a new goalkeeper, because they are content with the current two options at the first squad.

Similar is the version of the keepers. Aouate said during an interview with newspaper La Voz de Galicia that nobody has talked with him about a possible exit during the summer "No, no one from the club has told me anything about it. Neither the coach nor the president nor the sporting director. I have a contract, I am very happy and I will continue at Deportivo for two more year, that's for sure."

Meanwhile, Mun??a said the same thing to La Opini??n, although he leaves an open door if the club wants to sell him "I have one more year in my contract with Deportivo, but everything that's convenient for Deportivo is convenient for me, because I want the best for Depor, and if they think I need to go in order to improve the team, I have no problem. But if the team keeps trusting in me, and if they left me stay to fight for a place as one more player, there will be no problem."

But the differences between both keepers still existing, it's only necessary to hear the declarations of Mun??a to newspaper La Opini??n "From the whole problem, the only affected is me and I have been in silence during the last two years, I ate many hits without knowing why, I was always quiet and when my time arrived, I had a problem (the aggression) and it cost me the starting place that I had won on the pitch. I never went to ask the coach nor to make a public statement against a colleague, and that's why I stayed with a bit silly face, but I keep fighting and I am sure that things will work in the future. I will succeed."

And Dudu Aouate prefers to maintain silence, just as he did after the fight with the Uruguayan player. The subject of the conflict with Mun??a was mentioned during his interview with La Voz, and the Israeli just responded "I won't talk about that subject. It's over. The end. Period after my comeback to the squad and I won't talk about it."

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