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06 May 2008
The visit of Levante represents a good opportunity to add three vital point in the quest for Europe, Lotina knows it and he's making calculations about it. The Basque believes that Depor needs at least four more points in order to clinch the Intertoto spot. In the other side, Jos?© ?ngel Moreno arrives as the third trainer of Levante during this season, he explained the problems that he's currently living with his team.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina talked after the last training at Abegondo, he firstly explained the novelties for the game against Levante "Xisco is resting, he needs to be at 100% in order to play. The games are too long for him and I prefer to have him in optimal conditions for the game at Madrid (against Atl?©tico), I believe he will be better there that at home against Levante. I don't think that Lopo will play, in the beginning Adri??n (Piscu) will do it. But Coloccini will be there, Albert (Lopo) wasn't able to train today and we don't need risks, if we perceive any risk, he won't play."

Later, the Basque trainer talked about the striking zone and also about the case with Valer??n "He (Valer??n) is already fine and maybe tomorrow he will have some minutes. The important thing is that if we win, we will have one foot and a half in Intertoto. About the strikers, they are training well and they must take advantage of the minutes spent on the pitch. Bodipo or Taborda will enter. Riki won't appear as starter."

The Me?±aka-born coach also made calculations about the points needed in order to enter into Europe "With two more wins at home we are in Intertoto, also with only four more points added, maybe a little forced. Espanyol will be able to match us, but only if we add four points until the end. However, they are full of problems and right now they are without any central defender. In the other hand, we will force Athletic (Bilbao) to win all the matches."

Despite Lotina is already tasting the victory, he warned that Levante will be a tough rival "Levante is making a better second round compared to our first round, they are playing without any pressure and that makes them dangerous. They defeated Getafe and Betis, and Espanyol achieved a draw that was a miracle."

Finally, Lotina said that he doesn't see a problem with the fact of been playing three competition on the next season "We want to go to Europe, for our hearts and for the fans. It's problematic to play three competitions ,but I don't think we will have problems with this squad and the signings we will make. Not playing the UEFA doesn't guarantee you a calmed year and Europe gives you prestige. Our idea is to maintain the block because we are very happy with the team. But we are in an open market and we'll go for someone and also other clubs could come for the players we don't want to sell."

Meanwhile, Jos?© ?ngel Moreno is the third coach for Levante during the present season, the Andalucian has a great experience  with lower divisions, he has coached the B teams of Betis, Sevilla, X?©rez, Almer?­a, Ecija, Polideportivo Almer?­a, Granada, Algeciras and Levante. But this is his first time in Primera Divisi??n, he has only coached Levante's first team during three opportunities: 3-1 win over Getafe, 0-2 defeat with Recreativo and the 1-1 draw with RCD Espanyol.

Moreno talked before the trip to La Coru?±a, he appointed that Depor's match will be difficult for the conditions affecting Levante at this moment "Players are carrying with a lot of worries that aren't related to football, and if we add that this week we have to play three matches, it happens what it happens. It's logical we can't squeeze the squad, there are some who are at risk of suffering a significant injury, people is also thinking of their future and they want to finish the competition at the best level."

The Sevilla-born trainer also confessed that he fears his team won't be motivated to face the match against Depor "There are times in which the coaching staff has to give an extra dose of motivation, depending on the time of the season and the goals you are searching, tomorrow is one of those days. I intend to keep the team's dignity. This patient has had three doctors during this year, the first one gave the diagnosis, the second tried to heal the patient, although the disease was already terminal, and now the family doctor will try to keep the pulse and the smile until we sign the death touch "

Finally, Moreno confessed he has troubles in order to build the line-up for the game "The team will not differ greatly from what we saw last Sunday, it's true that we have a disability, we have no more than one midfielder -Javi Fuego- and there are other positions where we have people with physical problems, as for example Juanma Gomez. I will have to be alert because it will be complicated to have seven players from the first squad on the pitch."

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