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03 Jul 2008
The squad is training at Abegondo with a different agenda compared to past pre-seasons stages. And its that the Intertoto cup is altering the training plans at Deportivo. Depor's physical coach, Eduardo Dom?­nguez, talked with la Voz de Galicia and explained the work plan that he has prepared for the squad.

Depor's squad is working in a double session each day. On Thursday, the team was divided in two during the first session. The first part of the group (Manuel Pablo, Pablo Amo, Piscu, Sergio, Juan Rodr?­guez, Verd??, Antonio Tom??s, Alex, Laure, Juanan, Rochela, Manu and Aouate) worked normally at Abegondo's pitches, while the second group (Pablo Alvarez, Cristian, Lafita, Valer??n, Riki, Taborda, Rub?©n, Xisco, Mista, Omar Bravo, Mun??a and Fabricio) passed a general medical check-up. Both groups were reunited for the second session that took place in the afternoon.

The current pre-season is completely different to the one had in recent occasions, because Deportivo starts to compete in two weeks, reason why the coaches can't force the players to realise a great physical effort. Something that was explained by Eduardo Dom?­nguez (Depor's physical trainer) to newspaper La Voz de Galicia "What we want is to have the player fit not for August 30, but for July 20. To see the team arriving with enough guarantees for that date."

Dom?­nguez explained that right now, the squad is working as the month of May was faced, period of time in which Depor was ending its participation in la liga "For us, these are two weeks of competition that are similar to the past month of May. Once we pass this period, in the following fifteen days we will focus the work in the physical aspect. Right now we are combined the physical work with some technical and tactical issues, but next week we will remind the aspects focusing in the first matches."

Depor's physical trainer said that he was aware of the situation, that's why he planned an specific work that each player should followed during the vacations "The basic plan was to work the resistance and to search for the muscular mass during the last weeks. It's was something basic in order to not have a so strongly start of pre-season .The typical exercises during the pre-season are history. Some players have returned at 100% and other in a worse shape, but the player knows that if he does what we asked for, they will suffer less during the pre-season."

Dom?­nguez also explained the squad will continue working in double sessions at Abegondo, and that to avoid a stage at Vilalba is even a benefit for the team "We can work tactical aspects and start remembering the mechanism of playing. Besides, here we know perfectly the pitches and they are in better conditions than in other places."

Filipe Luis arrived during Thursday and joined the group during the evening's session. President Lendoiro said the player just missed the plane at the beginning of the week and that this was the reason for the delay. But the agent of the Brazilian left-back,  Herminio Men?©ndez, told to reporters that Filipe was ordered to stay in Brazil by Rentistas, but that he decided to travel in order to please coach Lotina "This is a gesture of good will, because the desire of the player is to join Deportivo as soon as possible." Rentistias and Deportivo still involved in a confrontation for the bank guarantees asked by the Uruguayan club in order to cover the last two payments that Depor must do for the transfer.

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