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04 Jul 2008
The main problem for coach Lotina is the overbooking at his squad. Right now the Basque coach has thirty three players and the list could continue growing if the arrival of Z? Castro is finally confirmed. The overbooking is a tradition at Depor, president Lendoiro leaves the issue of the exits as the last case to be solved. For the moment the only exit that can occur within the next hours is the one of Adri??n who could be loaned to M??laga FC.

Thirty three players at Depor's squad, that's the reality that coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina will meet on July 20 when the international and the loaned players during the past season return from vacations. It shouldn't be a surprise because similar scenarios were found by ex-coaches Irureta and Caparr??s during past pre-season stages.

Maybe the biggest problem is the striking zone, Lotina will probably end only using  one striker in his formations, however he has eight at Depor's squad. It's speculated that only four are counting for him: Omar Bravo, Xisco, Mista and Riki. The other four would have to search for a new destiny. And the first one that could go out is Adri??n L??pez. According to Andalucian paper SUR, the young striker is near to go out loaned to M??laga FC.

The source informed on Friday that both clubs are negotiating the economic terms of the operation, but the paper assured an agreement is close to be reached. M??laga is returning to Primera Divisi??n for the season 2008/2009 and it will be a very good opportunity for the Asturian striker. Later the same Adri??n confirmed to reporters that both clubs were negotiating a possible deal. SUR also claims that M??laga  is interested in Rub?n Castro, other of the strikers that doesn't count for Lotina, and in Juan Rodr?guez, player that begun his career performing for the Andalusian team.

Precisely, Rub?n Castro knows really well that he isn't counting for Lotina. The Canarian attacker talked with newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?a about his current status "There's nothing for me on here. The only thing I want is to go out as soon as possible. It's the same old song. I'm still waiting in order to leave. I still have three years of contract. I am not worried about a new loan, the only thing I ask is to be able to leave to the team I choose and as soon as possible. To see them giving me facilities, because it will be good for the team, the club and for me."

Another striker that's in the door out is Sebasti??n Taborda. The Uruguayan is wishing to talk with Lotina and know his plans, later he will take a decision, but he won't stay if he doesn't see a chance during the new season "The coach hasn't said anything to me, but I talked with him before ending the last season. He told me that if I was able to obtain an EU-passport, he won't have problems in order to keep me, and he already knew the thing with Omar was done. Let's see what are the terms. But to stay here in order to play five minutes is useless. We will have to talk and see how are the things." Declarations made by Taborda to newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?a.

Taborda also said that in case he is forced to leave, he won't do it to any ?weird’ country "I am trying to obtain the EU-passport, it will be useful to play here or in another team. Right now to return to my country is something already discarded. If I stay, I will do it on here (Europe). In the future I will have enough time in order to return to Uruguay, right now is not the moment for it. I won't go to any weird place, it could be Spain or Europe, but not weird countries, because I need to think in my family."

Meanwhile, Lotina admits the overflowing problems that he's currently facing, as he said recently to reporters: "People who is not playing has to leave, its good for them and for us. I don't want to talk about a perfect number of players at the squad, it will depend on the market, on the offers they could get, but evidently, with the people we have, it's plenty enough. I hope the issue will be solved little by little. We'll be talking with people and we'll concrete the things."

Although in the beginning Lotina didn't want to talk about a 'perfect number' of players in his squad, he later admitted he will love to only have 22 or 23: "The ideal thing is to have 22 or 23 players and to live close to the B squad. But it will be difficult. Let's hope we will do it, this in order to see all the player participating in the project." The clear thing for Lotina  is that the players that already were loaned on the past season, like Adri??n, will not have a problem to find a team "We have enough offers to see these men playing during the next year, therefore it will be easy to put them in other clubs, because there are a lot of petitions and I believe it will be solved soon."

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