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05 Jul 2008
After breaking his knee in April, Antonio Barrag??n renounced to his vacations in order to work in his recuperation process. Now the Galician right-back is getting the first 'fruits' for his effort: he already started to run and could return to play before to December.

Antonio Barrag??n had to go through surgery after he broke his right knee during the liga game played in April at Pamplona against Osasuna. The Galician suffered a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament and it was announced he will stay out of action during eight months. But Barrag??n never surrender, he chose to renounce to his vacations and started to work immediately in his recuperation process.

Now the first results can be seen on the pitch. On Thursday and for the first time in three months, the player started to run at Abegondo. In this way he's accelerating the date for his comeback, initially appointed for December. Barrag??n talked with La Voz de Galicia and showed his satisfaction for the achievement "I’m happy for this. Right now the important thing is to regain my knee, later we’ll have time to enjoy the summer."

The right-back explained the routine that he's following "Each day we fulfil two sessions. In the morning, Pablo, Deportivo's physiotherapist, is manipulating the knee in order to gain more flexion and mobility, to not have a rigid member. In the afternoon, I work at the gym in order to strengthen the quadriceps and the rest of muscles that support the weight in the knee. Right now the knee is stable, I notice is responding really well during the exercises and I am upping the levels. Each day I am asking for more and increasing the pace in order to see how do I respond."

Although things are occurring fast, Barrag??n doesn't want to talk about a fixing date for his return "It's true I'm advancing the dates. The knee is going well and there isn't an inflammation with the work done. The important issue is to wish things will continue like this and to go beyond. I don't care about November or December. The knee is the one that will fix the dates , and what I have to do is to express the sensations I'm feeling and since that point, we will fix the date for the return, it could be any month. Right now this was my first career and I didn't feel pain." words he said with a smile on his face.

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