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19 May 2008
A grey Fabril suffered a lot but it was able to clinch an important victory that's giving the pass to the playoffs. Despite been relegated to Tercera, San Sebasti??n was a tough rival. Nacho Matador was the hero after the midfielder scored the winning goal. Now Depor will face Ecija in the first round of the promotion series. If Ramallo's squad achieve the pass, they will face the winner of the series Huesca Vs. Gava.

Coach Tito Ramallo presented the same 4-4-2 line-up that defeated Atl?©tico Madrid B on the past weekend. Roberto Casado continued replacing Juachi at the left-back position while Sergio Benito did the same with Laure on the right. Borja Facal continued covering the right wing and Iv??n Carril the left. The couple in midfield was composed by Carlos Pita and ?lex. Finally, Lassad and Aridane were the attacking duo.

San Sebasti??n Los Reyes arrived to the Riazor with the relegation already consumed. The Madrilenians only won five matches in the second round. Curiously, they only won one game away from home in the entire tournament. Coach Alberto Ferri Losa had the casualty of Sestelo, the best scorer in his team with six goals on the season. therefore the main reference up front was Alejandro Garc?­a 'Alex', a 24-year-old striker with four goals scored on the present campaign.

In order to qualify for the playoffs, Fabril was only needing a victory. Depor B was fifth in the table but since two of the first places were playing again each other -Lugo and Fuerteventura- the three points in this game would certify the pass to the promotion series to Segunda Divisi??n. Something incredible for the club since one year ago the B squad was fighting in order to achieve the ticket to Segunda B.

A big part of the game was boring, mainly because the visitors spent the time trying to block the game of Tito Ramallo's squad. The Galician youngsters were forced to search for the victory, but they had big troubles in order to create chances to score. Neither Carril nor Borja were having the facilities on both wings and the ball wasn't arriving to Aridane nor Lassad.

Fabril only had two approximations in the first 20 minutes. The first came at minute 8, Iv??n Carril found the ball at the edge of the area and sent a shot that goalkeeper Gonzalo cleared with difficulties. At the 14th minute, Roberto Casado made a good play on the left side and he tried to send a cross to the box, but his effort was blocked ending in a corner-kick. Depor B was having the ball possession within the first minutes, but it was unable to create a clear chance.

And suddenly, almost for accident, the goal appeared. Nacho Matador found the ball at the edge of the penalty area and the Asturian midfielder tried to shot from mid-distance, but the ball hit a defender first and turned into an unstoppable volley that passed over keeper Gonzalo. It was exactly what Fabril was needing, a goal to calm the nerves and face the rest of the game with more security.

But rather than giving security to Fabril, the game continued to be boring and complicated for the Galician youngsters. The next ten minutes were played with the ball stuck in midfield as both squads had huge problems in order to create clear chances to score goals.

And things radically changed during the last ten minutes of the first half, because both sides had big opportunities to score more goals. First a good play between Lassad and Nacho Matador ended in a free-kick in favour of Fabril, then Carril made a short pass to Roberto Casado and the left-back sent a strong shot that passed near to the left post (37').

The craziest things occurred within the last two minutes. First, a corner-kick taken by Carril was headed by Lassad in the box and goalkeeper Gonzalo made a miraculously save in the goal line (44'). In the next play, the visitors had their biggest change on the game, Manu committed a mistake when a defender passed the ball to him, his long clearance was intercepted by a rival and the play ended in a foul near the area, infraction that cost the fifth yellow card of the season to Chapi, meaning a suspension for the next game.

Nel took the free-kick, the ball hit the barrier, then it was passed to the right wing and Alejandro Garc?­a 'Alex' sent a dangerous cross to the box, striker Nel was there alone against Manu and sent a strong shot to the centre, and like Gonzalo did one minute before, the ex-Sporting keeper  made a miraculously save in the goal line, mostly because the shot of Nel was directed into Manu's position. Two miracles in just sixty seconds.

First half ended with the weird sensation that Fabril had the big opportunity to reach half-time with a comfortable 2-0 advantage, but at the same time, with the worry that Depor B was lucky enough to be reaching the pause without leaking the equalising goal. All of this in the final minute of a first half that was boring. Both teams had big difficulties to move the ball and therefore to create chances to score, but Fabril was able to find the goal through a rebound.

Things didn't change for the second half, although 'Sanse' (diminutive of San Sebasti??n) made one change: Igor left the pitch and his positions was covered by Redondo. This striker was coming to this game with four goals in his personal account.

No clear chances were saw in the first ten minutes of the second part, the ball continued to be stuck in midfield and nobody was having the control over the game. Then, coach Ramallo decided to replace a disappeared Aridane with Jos?© Arenas, a modification in order to give more strength to the right wing. But things continued to be in a dead point.

And the biggest hit of the game against Fabril wasn't made by 'Sanse' but by referee Gonz??lez Pelayo. Because left-back Roberto Casado was sent off in a matter of three minutes for two actions that weren't even a foul. Tito Ramallo reacted immediately and he replaced Iv??n Carril with Juachi. Fabril was forced to play the last twenty minutes with one man less and the nerves appeared at the Riazor.

The visitors tried but they missed the needed clarity. At minute 81, 'Sanse' had a clear chance after a quick move ended with three attackers against a defender, but Redondo sent the ball out. Lassad had the final chance for Fabril at the 85th minute, it was a good play of the French striker who assisted Jose Arenas on the right wing, the final cross was sent to Lassad's path but he his shot went over the crossbar.

Despite having the initiative, 'Sanse' didn't create any chance to tie the game within the final five minutes. When the match was ending, Rub?©n Rivera entered for Borja Facal, modification made by Ramallo just to lose some time. The game ended with a wide shot of Redondo. After the final whistle, all the Fabril's players celebrated in midfield the pass to the playoffs, later they thanked the support of the fans at the Riazor.

Important victory for Fabril, the Galician youngster didn't shine but at least they added the three needed points in order to fight for the promotion to Segunda. Depor fought more against itself and the referee rather than against San Sebasti??n. The visitors tried to tie the game after the expulsion of Roberto Casado, but they were unable to create a clear chance.

Now Fabril is joining Rayo Vallecano, Pontevedra and Fuerteventura as the four representees of group one in the promotion series to Segunda. In order to be promoted to Segunda Divisi??n, Depor needs to surpass two series, each one consists in two matches against rivals from the other three groups. The draw for the playoffs was made on Monday and Fabril will have to face ?‰cija Balompi?© in the first round. The Andalusian squad ended first in group four.  If Depor passes this round, it will face the winner of the series Huesca Vs. Gav??. The games against ?‰cija will take place on May 25th and June 1st. The first-leg will be played this Sunday at the Riazor (18h00).




Deportivo B: Manu - Sergio Benito, Chapi, Juanan, Roberto Casado - Borja (Rub?©n Rivera 89'), Alex, Nacho, Iv??n Carril (Juachi 70') - Lassad, Aridane (Jos?© Arenas 56').
San Sebasti??n Los Reyes: Gonzalo - Alberto Iv??n, Jero, Tito, Igor (Redondo 46') - V??zquez; Alex, Diego Ram?­rez, Rub?©n, Alexander (Jony 61') - Nel (?“liver 61').
Goal: 1-0 (26') Nacho Matador.
Referee: Gonz??lez Pelayo. He showed yellow card to Chapi, Nacho Matador, Jos?© Arenas, Rub?©n Rivera and Tito. Roberto Casado was sent off (68')
Venue: Riazor (8,000).

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