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23 Apr 2008
Thirty one men performed on the season at Depor's first squad. Of them, eight gained an excellent qualification and four a solid one. This mean the 39% of the players presented a very good performance throughout the season. Nobody was considered to be 'Disastrous'. a thing to have in mind is that four of the six strikers at the squad were considered to live a 'poor' season. The following is the review of RCDLC.com about the performance of Depor's players on the 2007/2008 campaign.

Dudu Aouate: Irregular. He fell down after an excellent performance on the previous season. Silly mistakes, like the one that cost the match against Osasuna (1-2 at the Riazor), sidelined him from the starting squad during some weeks. To make things worse, his conflict with Mun??a meant a delicate moment inside the changing room. At least he returned for the final part of the season and saved, partially, a grey season.

Gustavo Mun??a: Decent. The Uruguayan replaced Dudu Aouate during four liga encounters after the Israeli keeper started to live a negative streak. He had a decent performance and although he leaked six goals, he always transmitted security to his team mates, like in the 1-2 defeat at Barcelona. However, his behaviour outside the pitch, more specifically during the fight with Aouate, was shameful.

Fabricio Augusto: Poor. This hope for the future had a disappointing debut at Primera Divisi??n. He only played six games on the season, all of them during the crisis between Mun??a and Aouate, but he allowed ten goals and never gave the impression of been reliable. His biggest errors were sawn during the match at Villarreal, his debut in la liga. However, Lotina trusts in him and it seems this youngster could have a chance in the first squad for the season 2008/2009. Will this be his year?

Fabricio Coloccini: Excellent. Marvellous! There aren't enough stars to rate the season of this young veteran. He was a reference in and outside the pitch, the Argentinean also played a perfect season with 38 complete matches and 3,420 minutes. He's the first Depor's player to fulfil this mark and the first one in la liga since the year 1999. The ex-Milan was the tenth best player in la liga in terms of ball recoveries (326), and he did it only committing 22 fouls and sawing only 2 yellow cards. And if these things aren't enough, he contributed with four goals plus one assist. What else can be asked?

Albert Lopo: Excellent. Another central defender with a brilliant performance. The only petty is that he wasn't fit to play at the beginning of the season due to his hernia problems, that's why he only performed in 21 matches on the season. He had big difficulties at the end due to new injury complications, but he never lost the pace and always transmitted a sensation of security. The Catalan also contributed up front with one goal plus one assist.

Pablo Amo: Excellent. Finally, after six years, this Madrilenian player participated regularly in Depor's line-ups as he was the third part of the 'three-head monster' in defence. Playing in the middle of Lopo and Coloccini, Amo was a vital piece in the system with three central defenders and always demonstrated to be a reliable alternative. Like Lopo, his only problem was to miss the first part of the season due to injury reasons. Amo also helped in attack as he scored three goals  plus contributed with one assist.

Adri??n L??pez 'Piscu': Solid. Maybe the most pleasant surprise coming out from Fabril. This �rookie’ took the place of Pablo Amo and Lopo alongside Coloccini and performed with an astonishing maturity, all of this although the club was living a complicate moment during the first round. Lotina will give him a place in the first squad for the upcoming season. He earned it.

Aythami: Poor. This young defender came from Las Palmas and had to pay the price for the errors committed in one single game. More specifically during the disastrous 0-2 home defeat with Recreativo de Huelva. He was nervous and was one of the responsibles for the setback. Lotina never forgot this and the Canarian didn't have any other chance in liga (he played in copa once). Reason why he was loaned to Xerez CD in Segunda. Team in which he has been performing with regularly.

Manuel Pablo: Excellent. The best season for the Canarian since the serious injury suffered in the Derby game with Celta seven years ago. He was the reference at the right-back position and even shined with the system of five defenders, a scheme that forces the side defenders to constantly play in both directions (defence-attack). Manuel Pablo even had the time to play as left-back at the beginning of the season, always presenting a good performance. He was also important in attack, no matter he didn’t score any goal, he gave five assists, number that put him alongside Guardado as the best assistor at the squad.

Laure: Decent. He only played 90 minutes with the first squad, but it was enough to realise about the brilliant future of this youngster. It must be also appointed that it was a tough game to debut -against Villarreal at El Madrigal- but the Madrilenian gave a positive impression. Lotina trusts so much in Laure, that he’s near to sign a three-year contract with the first squad. An injury at the end of the season left him without more chances.

Barrag??n: Irregular. Lotina used this right-back at the beginning of the season because Manuel Pablo was playing on the left, but as soon as Filipe emerged, Manuel Pablo returned to his natural position and the ex-Liverpool disappeared from the line-ups. Barrag??n seemed imprecise and Lotina wasn’t pleased with his work during the trainings, reason why it was normal to see his name out of the list for the games. At least he did a good job replacing Manuel Pablo when the Canarian was suspended for the game at Reyno de Navarra, but to make things worse, he suffered a serious knee injury in that game and will be out of action until December.

Filipe Luis: Excellent. This season was the graduation for this Brazilian youngster. He was a little out of shape at the beginning of the season, but soon he conquered the spot at the left side and his best moment arrived when Lotina switched the system into a 5-2-2-1 figure. Caparr??s said on the past campaign that Filipe had to improve in defence and actually, he did it as he was very solid in his position. His best role was to provide the strikers with countless crosses to the penalty area and his actions in set-pieces. In fact, Filipe was the 17th player in Primera Divisi??n in terms of crosses to the box (178). He crowned his performance with the play of the goal against Real Madrid (Riazor) and the marvellous goal conquered against Athletic Bilbao (Riazor).

Rodri: Poor. Like the case of Aythami, this Catalan defender had to pay the price for his errors during one single match, more precisely in the opening game against Almer?­a at the Riazor (0-3). Depor played awful in that occasion and Rodri was forced to perform as left-back, position that he isn’t used to cover. He was loaned to Poli Ejido immediately.

Chapi: (-) Without qualification. Another promise from Fabril. But contrary to the case of Piscu, This Galician central defender didn't have any luck as he was sent off in his first liga encounter and later had to leave the pitch due to an injury during his lonely match in copa del rey. Coach Lotina trusts in Chapi and it seems he may have a chance in the first squad. However, he played too little to judge his work.

De Guzm??n: Excellent. It’s only necessary to mention that he won the RCDLC.com player of the year award in order to realise about his work throughout the season. The main reference in midfield and the first line of defence against the rival’s attacks. He just missed a game in the second round for a suspension. Maybe his only problem was his lack of aim when he shots from mid-distance. He was also the most booked player at the squad (nine yellow cards).

Sergio: Solid. The most hated player at the Riazor silenced his critics with a solid work in midfield, specially during the second round. The true is that his start of season was irregular -he was even benched at the middle of the season- but he improved with the pass of time. It should be appointed as one of the reasons for the comeback in the last part of the campaign. His best game was at El Sardinero against Racing de Santander as the Catalan participated in the plays of the three goals. Curiously, this was also the best match of the whole season for Depor.

Juan Rodr?­guez: Irregular. The multifunctional player during Caparr??s’s era still without finding an stable place at Deportivo’s squad, this time he was unable to win a starting position with Lotina and was reserved to appear only when De Guzm??n or Sergio were unable to perform. To make things worse, he missed the only penalty at Depor on the season (against Real Betis). At least he lived a positive moment when he scored one of the goals in the 2-0 win over FC Barcelona.

Antonio Tom??s: Decent. It seems Lotina didn’t like him as the Cantabrian midfielder only played 12 games on the season, he made his debut with Depor’s shirt until matchday 15 (at Barcelona FC). However, it must be said that Antonio also fulfilled his tasks with a decent note, he took the place of Sergio when the Catalan was living his darkest period, but as soon as he was in-form, Tom??s disappeared from the line-ups. His best moment was in the home match with Sevilla. He and Filipe Luis built the set-piece that ended with the winning goal of Lafita. Victory that put Depor out of relegation once and for all.

Verd??: Irregular. Like the case of Juan Rodr?­guez, Verd?? missed to find an stable position in Lotina’s scheme, just like it happened with Caparr??s one year before. Caparr??s had faith on him and had several chances to play, but the Catalan wasn’t feeling comfortable in midfield, neither on the wings nor in the playmaking function. Tired of been testing, Lotina benched him and the ex-Barcelona only performed for 20 minutes within the last eight matches.

Wilhelmsson Excellent. Without doubt, the best winter reinforcement in the whole Primera Divisi??n. Finally, Depor found the right substitute to V?­ctor as the Swedish winger was very incisive through the right sector. Skilful and with a rare intelligence that was always praised by Lotina, â€?Willy’ should be recognised as another reason why Depor bounced back during the second round (3 assists). Maybe his only problem was his lack of goal since he only scored once. A goal that came from the penalty spot. Will he continue for the new season?

Lafita: Solid. A pleasant surprise during the second part of the season. Maybe the reader is asking by he wasn’t rated as excellent, the case is that he was out of shape during the first part of the campaign and turned to be a real disappointment for the fans at the beginning. But mysteriously, Lotina motivated him during a secret conversation and it was then when Lafita exploded. The Aragonian took advantage of Guardado’s absence  as he scored three goals and gave three assists within the last eleven games on the season. Lafita will be important next year if  he’s able to keep this form.

Cristian: Irregular. Not the best season for the Catalan. The true is that he was unlucky. He was injured since December and when he came back, all the wingers at the squad -Willy, Lafita and Guardado- were living their best moment. Reason why he didn’t have too many chances. Curiously, his best moment was during the two games against his former club, Barcelona FC. In the match at Camp Nou, he scored a wonderful goal from long-distance. Later in the return match at the Riazor, he shined although he only played eight minutes.

Guardado: Excellent. El Principito didn’t disappoint. This young promise came to a new continent and to an unknown league for him, but he found the pace of the game since the beginning and turned to be the hero of the fans since the first game. He scored five goals and together with Manuel Pablo, was the best assistor at the squad (5). A pity he missed almost the entire second round due to injuries, just when the team was practising a better football. But if this was his debuting campaign, what can be expected once he’s settled?

Pablo Alvarez: (-) Without qualification.The bizarre case of the campaign. During the pre-season, coach Lotina said this talented right winger was the most surprising thing he found at the club, but in the end 'the Shark' only played eleven minutes on the liga season (matchday 7 against Sevilla). Tired to be waiting for a chance, he decided to move himself to Racing Santander. Club that could try to sign him permanently for the next season.

Valer??n: Decent. It’s hard to judge a player that only performed for 58 minutes in the whole season, but this is the case of a veteran that spent almost two years without playing. In fact, nobody was expecting to see him over the pitch so soon. But Valer??n  keeps his royal class and offered some sparkles of his marvellous football, specially during the home game with UD Levante, the score was 0-0 and â€?El Flaco’ had to enter in order to illuminate the Riazor with his passes. Lotina already said he’s the best signing for the upcoming season.
Xisco: Solid. Second straight good year for the Mallorca-born striker. He came to Deportivo after scoring 14 goals with Vecindario, this time he conquered 9 at Primera Division and was the pichichi of the squad. Curiously, five of those goals came within a period of eight days (a hat-trick over Murcia and two more against Racing). Xisco keeps improving but the main problem is his physical condition, he was an starter in 23 occasions but he never played a complete game. If he can surpass this obstacle, he will be very important in the future.

Riki: Decent. Maybe the most difficult player to judge. Inconsistent as starter, the Madrilenian attacker became really important coming out as a substitute. He never had a good game after appearing in the starting eleven, as example his poor performance in the 0-2 defeat Vs. Recreativo. But his participation was vital as a substitute. In fact, he was the player that appeared the most as a replacement (24 times). Besides, his five goals were scored after he jumped to the grass coming out from the bench. One of this was the late goal against UD Levante, goal that gave the three points that secured the Intertoto.

Bodipo: Poor. The striker with the worst average in the squad (1 goal in 814 minutes). The true is that Bodipo started the campaign injured and was unable to find his pace. He became the �new Sergio’ as the fans at the Riazor started to whistle him after the countless occasions wasted during the games.

Taborda: Poor. Another disappointing season for the Uruguayan. But he started well, scoring a decisive goal in the  2-2 draw with Valladolid. Like players as Aythami and Rodri, Taborda paid the price for his performance in one single game. It was for his poor role in the 0-2 home defeat with Recreativo. Recently, Taborda admitted he was out of shape for that encounter. After that, Lotina only used him as a last-minute solution. Reason why he only played 503 minutes on the season.

Adri??n: Poor. Strange season for this  young striker. He was an starter in the two liga games against Almer?­a and later he disappeared from Lotina's plans. In the end, he was loaned to Alav?©s in Segunda Divisi??n. Of the six strikers in the squad, he was the only one that ended scoreless.

Rub?©n Castro: Poor. Lotina never liked him and was used as an alternative until the Basque coach became desperate with the rest of strikers. He was a good revulsive, but he was terrible in the two occasions in which he was an starter (the visit to UD Levante and the disastrous 0-3 Vs. Atl?©tico Madrid at the Riazor). 

(-) Without qualification.

The numbers for the season 2007/2008:

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