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26 May 2008
According to the media in La Coru?a, Lotina already signed a new contract with Deportivo. It's seems to be a one-year deal without any special clause. Also, all appoints that after the confirmation of Bravo's arrival, the second signing for the new season would be Daniel Aranzubia. Other rumours are linking Ivanschitz and Sergio Garc?a with Depor while some players are already searching for the door out.

Miguel ?ngel Lotina and president Augusto C?sar Lendoiro had a meeting on Thursday's night in order to plan the new season of Deportivo (the photo shows the arrival of Depor's coach to plaza de Pontevedra). The continuity of Lotina at Depor for the season 2008/2009 was a 'secret' already known by everybody. In fact, the Basque coach had a clause in his previous contract appointing that he will automatically renew if he was able to improve Caparr??s's numbers, something that was fulfilled in the end.

Sportpaper AS revealed that on Thursday's night, Lotina signed a new one-year contract with Deportivo and that this time, there are no clauses in order to allow an automatic renovation, something that demonstrates the confidence that Lendoiro is putting in the coach. Thursday's meeting was also helpful in order to define the names of the players that will stay at the squad and also the targets the club will try to sign during the summer market.

After the signing of Omar Bravo on the past week, it seems the next incorporation to be confirmed is the one of Daniel Aranzubia (28). It's true nobody wants to confirm the deal, but neither it has been discarded. The agent of the Basque goalkeeper -Jes??s Medina- has been contacted by several reporters about the situation of his representee, and in all the occasions Medina has said he can't talk about the subject. Also president Lendoiro was asked about this matter after the game of Fabril, he didn't want to confirm the deal but neither denied the contacts. All this should indicate that both parts still negotiating or maybe they are just waiting until the deal of Aranzubia with Athletic Bilbao is over (June 30).

The probable arrival of Aranzubia will mean that Dudu Aouate or Gustavo Mun??a (even both of them) will leave the club during the summer. The agent of the Israeli keeper -Gustavo Crmko- continues to be upset for the way in which Deportivo managed the conflict of the keepers, as he said to newspaper La Voz de Galicia "Dudu has lost some value in the market due to the incompressible way in which the case with Mun??a was handled, because the affected person was him. This is an irregular situation that has only affected him."

Crmko also said he hasn't talked with anybody at Depor about a possible exit of his representee "I haven't received any call from Deportivo telling me they don't count with Dudu for the upcoming season. For that reason, I am not legally allowed to search for offers, because we are talking of a player with a contract. It's difficult to see somebody paying a lot of money for a 30-year-old keeper who has been appointed, ridiculing, as a conflictive person."

Another thing that seems for granted is the continuity of Angel Lafita and Filipe Luis. Lendoiro appointed in past declarations that Depor will fulfil the buyout options for this two players. And after the game of Fabril, Depor's president assured the club will make the payments in the upcoming days. This means €4.4 million in both transactions. About Christian Wilhelmsson, Lendoiro said Depor still has to negotiate with Nantes FC.

A player that seems to be a dream for Deportivo is Sergio Garc?a (24). Coach Lotina said on the past week during a radio interview that the signing of the Catalan striker would be a 'starting' incorporation for the next season. Also, the media in Zaragoza is putting Deportivo as one of the possible destinies for the attacker, the problem is that the other clubs interested are Sevilla, Valencia, Atl?tico Madrid and Tottenham Hotspurs. Besides, the buyout clause of the player is €17 million. Facts that appoint this is going to be a difficult incorporation to fulfil. Meanwhile, the agent of the striker -M??gico D?az- talked with Riazor.org and said that "Several clubs are interested in the player, but nobody from Depor has contacted us. I have a good relationship with Depor's officials and we won't have a problem to talk with them."

Another player that has been linked once again with Depor is Andreas Ivanschitz (24). La Voz de Galicia echoes the reports from Austria and Greece appointing that Deportivo and RCD Espanyol will try to sign the midfielder during the summer market. Ivanschitz is one of the main 'stars' in Austria and played on loan during the past season at Panathinaikos, he currently belongs to Red Bull Salzsburgo. According to the reports, even the national coach of Austria, Josef Hickersberger, has spoken about the interest of Deportivo in Ivanschitz "I am absolutely sure that he can impose himself in a so competitive league like the Spanish one" comment he made to a paper in Austria.

Meanwhile, Pablo ?lvarez, winger that spent six months on loan  at Racing Santander, said during the past week his desire is to continue in the Cantabrian club "I still have one year in my contract with Deportivo, but I want to continue at Racing. My problem with Deportivo is a personal matter. I always put hope and hard work during the trainings, but things didn't go so well. I barely played because the coaches always trusted in somebody else. It's not a matter of the coach, but its that I am very comfortable in Santander, they took a risk when they picked me after been without playing for so long. I am really in debt with them and I don't see why I can't continue there. However, I think that maybe I have to go back to La Coru?a, because I still have a contract."

Finally, the future of Fabricio Coloccini is now the 'soap opera' of the summer. His name has been linked with several clubs: Barcelona FC, Sevilla, Real Madrid, Valencia, Newcastle United, Olympique Marseille and Nantes FC. The papers speculated since the beginning that Lendoiro will allow the exit of the Argentinean defender as soon as he receives a €10 million offer, but Depor's president has said to reporters there isn't any single official offer for him. However, sportpaper Marca assured on Monday that  Lendoiro already rejected a €13 million offer coming from a Premiership club. According to this source, the new target of Depor's president is to recollect €15 million with the Argentinean defender. Meanwhile, coach Lotina said to Marca that he knows that it will be really hard to keep Coloccini for the next season "Selfishly, I would love to not see any offer coming for him, but I doubt very much that we won't see it, it would surprise me a lot."

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