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28 May 2008
Three players performed on loan at Deportivo during the season, coach Lotina is happy with all of them and has asked for their continuity. President Lendoiro will make the moves during the next weeks in order to buy their rights, but the most difficult case is the one of Christian Wilhelmsson. It seems that Nantes FC will not allow his exit so easily, while Depor won't make any 'crazy' offer for the Swedish winger.

Angel Lafita, Filipe Luis and Christian Wilhelmsson were the three players that performed on loan during the season. Deportivo has a buyout option over the first two men (€4.4 million for both) and president Lendoiro has already announced the club will fulfill the payments in the next weeks. But the case that's more difficult is the one of 'Willy'

Depor still has to negotiate with Nantes FC about the amount to pay and now it seems the French club is reconsidering the operation. It was previously assumed that Nantes FC was willing to sell Wilhelmsson during the summer market, but the agent of the winger, Fabio Alho, said in a radio interview that things are changing "I talked with Nantes and they are thinking of the future. Now things are different than before. It's a team promoted to the first division, there's another president, another coach, another team, another sporting director..."

This means that Nantes could even keep the player for the season 2008/2009 in order to fulfil his last year of contract with the French club. Besides, Depor will try to negotiate but the Galician club won’t pay any high amount for the winger (supposedly not more than €3 million). However, Alho leaves an open door to Deportivo "I don’t know what is going to happen, but they have told me the player can talk with other clubs. Maybe the biggest obstacle for his departure is the money, but he wants to continue in A Coru?a, because he likes the city and the club."

Meanwhile, coach Miguel Angel Lotina is aware of the difficulties to keep Wilhelmsson in his squad for the next season, that's why he's appointing to Pablo ?lvarez as an alternative "We must have patience. If we keep him (Wilhelmsson), we won't make signings on that sector. If not, we will see. It's possible that Pablo ?lvarez will be an alternative if Willy doesn't continue. He belongs to Deportivo and we are interested in his comeback. Since that point, if any club wants him, it should make an offer and we will study it. We will study later if he has to go out or if we are going to extend his contract." words that Lotina said to sportpaper AS.

It was speculated in previous weeks that central defender Pablo Amo could be sold during the summer market, the Madrilenian ends his contract in June of the next year and it was rumoured that three Spanish clubs were offering between €3 and €4 million for his services. This rumors were confirmed in the last hours by the agent of the player, Rodrigo Fern??ndez, but he also affirmed that Depor will not accept any of this propositions.

A fact that  Fern??ndez confirmed during an interview in Sportpaper Marca "I talked with Deportivo two weeks ago, I told them there were offers. They never showed interest in selling him. They count with Pablo and he’s enchanted, he has always been very happy for the way in which the club treated him. He lived a negative moment with the injuries and he says the club has always been great with him. The only thing he didn't like is that he wasn't playing too often, and now he does it. Why will he change now?  Another thing is that Deportivo would be interested in selling him, but that isn't happening. It looks like they will sell Coloccini instead, and it's difficult they will sell two players at the same time. It's normal they prefer to sell Coloccini since his value is the market is higher. Right now the value of Pablo is between €3 and €4 million."

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