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30 May 2008
The arrival of Omar Bravo to Deportivo could be delayed for a misunderstood between the striker and Chivas de Guadalajara. It seems to be a minor issue, but it could affect the participation of Bravo in the Intertoto cup. The agent of the Mexican says everything should be resolved soon. Meanwhile, Lopo will go through surgery and Barrag??n continues with his recuperation process.

Striker Omar Bravo is wishing to travel to La Coru?±a, but a misunderstood in his contract with Chivas de Guadalajara could delay his incorporation to Deportivo. According to the player and his agent, Rub?©n P?©rez, the contract of Bravo with the Mexican club expires on July 31, while the sporting director of Chivas, N?©stor De La Torre, said the deal ends today (May 31). This confusion is caused by the fact the last payment of Chivas to the player will be done in July 31.

Despite admitting the contract ends today, Chivas is refusing to give a printed certification, as De La Torre said to reporters "I already talked with his agent, to whom I showed the contract, we could saw the terms of when the deal ends, the contract expires the last day of May (today), therefore he's assuming his rights at the end of the contract. There’s no need of a letter to certify his rights, what kind of letter will I give if there isn't any contract?"

The exit of Bravo is considered a setback for president Jorge Vergara, Chivas was hoping to extend the contract with Bravo and now his agent is now fearing some repercussions, like a denounce against the player for leaving his job. That's why Bravo wants a certification before his trip to Spain. He doesn't want to join Depor and face a legal demand in his home country.

Rub?©n P?©rez explained the situation to reporters "There is a misunderstood about the termination of the contract. We believe that expires on July 30, while Chivas has just said that's on May 31. That confusion is why we request a document containing a certification that according to their records, the contract has expired. That would allow us to emigrate as soon as possible."

However, P?©rez thinks everything will be resolved soon "I hope that if we talk for five minutes, we will find an early solution to this issue. I would consider this as a simple process, and I hope that everything will be resolved smoothly. We pretended that everything would be a little easier, but I say it again, the relationship with Guadalajara has always been friendly and we believe that talking, we can resolve the things, because it isn't a compromising document for any party." A delay in the arrival of Bravo to Depor won't affect his presence in the first liga match of the season 2008/2009, but it will complicate his participaton in Intertoto.

The season is over, but defender Albert Lopo still struggling from the hernia problems he suffered throughout the liga campaign, that's why he passed through new scans during Friday in order to analyse his situation. And the results were known late on Friday's night, Lopo needs to go through surgery and will be out for six weeks, meaning he will miss the Intertoto. However, Depor's doctor, Ram??n Barral, said in a press conference that Lopo should be fit to play for the first game in liga "The idea is to see him fit to play for the beginning of la liga."

Doctor Barral also analysed the situation with Antonio Barrag??n. The right-back suffered a knee injury in the liga game with Osasuna and he had to go through surgery. According to Barral "everything is going according to our plans" the defender passed through a new scan on Thursday and now he will return to Barcelona in order to continue with his recuperation process. It's expected he will return to train in December.

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