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05 Jun 2008
Newspaper <i>La Opini�n A Coru�a</i> presented a report about the squad that coach Lotina wants for the new season. The only signings that appear are Omar Bravo, Daniel Aranzubia and the new striker the club still searching. Another novelty is that the name of Christian Wilhelmsson wasn't mentioned, while Fabricio, Laure and Piscu seems to be the three Fabril's players to be promoted.

No major changes in the squad, just like sporting director Richard Moar appointed before, that's the vision presented by journalist Roi Fern�ndez in his report on La Opini�n A Coru�a about the squad that coach Miguel �ngel Lotina will build in order to face the season 2008/2009. The only novelties would be Daniel Aranzubia, Omar Bravo and another striker the club still has to choose, while Laure, Adri�n L�pez 'Piscu' and Fabricio might be the three players promoted from Fabril. The following is a resume of his vision:

Goalkeepers: According to Fern�ndez, this is one of the two sections in which the bigger changes will occur. Lotina doesn't count with Aouate nor Mun�a and the main target is to sign a replacement. For the reporter, Daniel Aranzubia is the main option in the market. The second spot would be for Fabricio Augusto who is currently negotiating a new contract with Deportivo. However, Fern�ndez appoints that in case the club isn't able to find a destiny for Mun�a or Aouate, one of them would continue at the squad as the second keeper, this option will mean that Fabricio could be loaned to another club.

Defenders: The only novelties would be the promotions of Laure and Adri�n L�pez 'Piscu'. The first one will be the replacement of Manuel Pablo at the right-back and the second the substitute for any of the three central defenders that performed on the past season -Coloccini, Lopo and Pablo Amo. About the continuity of Coloccini, Fern�ndez appoints  his exit shouldn't be considered as a fact and that in case it happens, the club will sign a new central defender. The left side seems to be reserved to Filipe Luis. Barrag�n will remain in the squad since he will return until December (knee injury).

Midfielders: The only section that doesn't present any change since Lotina will continue to trust in Sergio, De Guzm�n, Juan Rodr�guez and Antonio Tom�s for the two pivote spots. With Valer�n fit to play, the Canarian will become the playmaker in the squad and his substitute would be Verd�.

Wingers: Roi Fern�ndez didn't mention the name of Chistian Wilhelmsson in his report, maybe because the future of the Swedish player still uncertain. What the journalist of La Opini�n appoints is that Lotina counts with Pablo �lvarez for the right wing, same thing for Cristian Hidalgo. The left sector is reserved for �ngel Lafita and Andr�s Guardado.

Strikers: The second zone were the biggest changes are occurring, at least in the optic of Roi Fern�ndez. The journalist appoints that Lotina only counts with Xisco, Omar Bravo, Riki and the new striker the club still searching. However, Fern�ndez appoints that Riki could be sold and that Bodipo, Rub�n Castro or Taborda might get his place. This three strikers could also be an option in case the new striker doesn't arrives, just like happened on the past season. The other case is Adri�n. The club wants to keep him, but the idea is to arrange a new loan spell for the next season.

In resume, according to Roi Fern�ndez, the squad for the season 2008/2009 will be conformed by these 24 players:

Goalkeepers: Aranzub�a, Fabricio (Aouate or Mun�a).
Defenders: Manuel Pablo, Laure, Barrag�n, Lopo, Pablo Amo, Coloccini, Piscu and Filipe Luis.
Midfielders: Sergio, Antonio Tom�s, De Guzm�n, Juan Rodr�guez, Valer�n and Verd�.
Wingers: Lafita, Pablo �lvarez, Cristian, Guardado.
Strikers: Omar Bravo, Riki, Xisco and a new signing.
Discarded options: Rodri, Aythami, Alc�ntara, Jairo, Momo, Bodipo, Rub�n, Taborda and Adri�n L�pez. 

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