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07 Jun 2008
The news was known during Saturday, �lex Berganti�os will become the third Fabril's player to be promoted for the next season as Deportivo will sign with a him a new contract for three years. The player has been called for the pre-season stage that starts on July 2nd. However, this doesn't mean he will have a space at Depor's first squad, he has to convince Lotina first. Otherwise he could be loaned to another club.

�lex Berganti�os is celebrating his 23rd birthday, and he's doing it with an special news: Deportivo will sign a three-year deal with him. Fabril's midfielder is ending his current contract in June 30, but he has a clause on it in which Depor is reserving the right to sign a professional contract with the player. On Friday, and before Depor B was going on vacations, the club officials communicated the decision to him and his agent.

In this way, �lex becomes into the third Fabril's player that will have an opportunity in Lotina's first squad for the season 2008/2009, the other two are Laure and Piscu, while Fabricio cold be the fourth one. �lex was the only member of Fabril that played in all the 38 matches of the regular season in Segunda B plus the two games in the playoffs. He, together with Carlos Pita, is considered as a vital piece in Fabril's midfield.

�lex will make the pre-season with the first squad starting on July 2nd, however this doesn't mean he has a secure place in Deportivo's squad for the season 2008/2009. He will have to convince Lotina first, in other case, he will be loaned to another club, probably in Segunda Divisi�n.

The agent of the youngster, �ngel Barrientos, explained the decision to newspaper La Opini�n A Coru�a "I understand the coach is the one taking this decision, otherwise it will be strange. The player is very hopefully with this." Similar thing was expressed by �lex when he was interviewed by reporters "I am content because my dream was always to play at Deportivo. I will do my best in order to gain a place on here."

Goalkeeper Marcos Val�n (21) will be the first signing of Fabril. The keeper belongs to CD Lugo and was chased by Villarreal, but  Depor has been faster and although the deal hasn't been closed, his incorporation is something taken as granted. As the sporting director of Lugo said to the paper Deporte Campe�n (DxT): �For the moment, we haven't talked between the clubs, but I told to Depor they could reach an agreement with any player they want, there won't be any problem by our side. I even tell you: he could go for free. Deportivo knows that CD Lugo is enchanted to see one of its players going to their team." Meanwhile, Val�n  didn't want to talk about the subject, he only admitted the conversations are going in the "right direction." 

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