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11 Jun 2008
Although his continuity at the club isn't secured, coach Tito Ramallo already works in the plans for Fabril's season 2008/2009. As it was appointed in RCDLC.com's previous report, the club already talked with some of the players in order to communicate the plans for the new campaign. Right now Depor is negotiation with Nacho Matador, Borja Facal and Lassad. The bad news of the day was the departure of Ernesto Bello to Zaragoza, he's the co-ordinator of the young squads.

Fabril's coach Tito Ramallo still has to negotiate with Deportivo's officials his continuity at the job, however he already started to plan the movements inside the team for the season 2008/2009. On Tuesday, RCDLC.com published the first list of casualties for the new campaign, and the information has been confirmed within the last hours as canaldeportivo.com wrote the names of the first four players that were released: midfielder Carlos Pita, striker Rub�n Rivera, winger Jos� Arenas and left-back Roberto Casado.

This four youngsters will turn 23 for the new season and the intention is to have a complete  U-23 team competing at Segunda B. At the same time, the club confirmed the continuity of Aridane, Herbert, Iv�n P�rez, Sergio Benito, Iv�n Carril and Guille. While Nacho Matador, Borja Facal and Lassad are currently negotiating with the Galician club. It has been speculated that a new contract with striker Lassad Nouioui could be announced during the week.

Also, Depor�s website communicated that the five players that performed on loan during the past campaign are returning to the club: Efr�n, Seoane (Ciudad de Santiago), Dani, Javi Redondo (Betanzos) and Alberto (Monta�eros). This five youngsters will make the pre-season with the squad (starting on July 21) and will fight for a spot in the team.

A thing that's worrying Deportivo's officials at this point is the departure of Ernesto Bello, he's the co-ordinator of the young squads at Deportivo. It has been known that Real Zaragoza is offering him a big contract in order to direct the young squads of the Aragonian club. Bello is considered the main stone in the project, one that has been very successful is a short period of time. On Wednesday, the club confirmed his exit and is currently studying who will be his replacement.

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