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13 May 2008
Coach Miguel �ngel Lotina is already planning the pre-season, the Basque coach is searching for the first friendly match in England and Portugal. He also admitted the possibility of making a tour in America, something that would depend of the economic offer made to the club.

Deportivo already knows the key dates for the new campaign. First it starts the pre-season on July 2nd, then three weeks later, the Galician team must face the two-leg series for the UEFA Intertoto cup (first-leg on July 19/20, the second on July 26/27). In the middle of this, the club is willing to play a friendly game against an English or a Portuguese team, this because Lotina considers that the teams from these countries return earlier to make their respective pre-seasons and are a more proper rival at the time.

Something that was confirmed by the same Lotina in newspaper La Voz de Galicia: "Right now, our main worry is to search for the strongest rival to prepare the Intertoto." The rest of the pre-season isn't defined yet and it will depend on the qualification to the UEFA cup, as Lotina continued explaining "After the Intertoto, depending on the result, we could go to England, Portugal or anywhere else, it depends if we have to play the UEFA or not."

Lotina also left an open door to a possible tour through Mexico "About a possible foreign tour, like Mexico as an example, it only depends in having an interesting economic offer. What we will ask is to have a fixed location and then play the games in the near area. I don't want to be touring from city to city, or from one country to another. I want a base to work and make a good preparation for the team. As we would stay in Spain. However, this tour doesn't mean we won�t make a pre-season stage at Vilalba."

On Thursday, president Augusto C�sar Lendoiro admitted in a radio interview that Deportivo has received offers to make an American tour and that these offers were coming from Mexico, Venezuela and the Unites States. No decision has been take so far, but this tour should take place before to August or in the worst case scenario, during the first week of that month, because there's no room for a tour after August 10th 2008.

If Depor passes the Intertoto round, it has to play the second qualifying round in the UEFA cup 2008/2009, this means two games that must be played between August 14 and 28. In the middle of this, the torneo Teresa Herera will take place, competition that will be played on August 18, 19 and 20. And two weeks later, the start of the liga season 2008/2009 (August 31st, 2008).

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